Media: Friend or Foe? Ask Brooke Gladstone.

Brooke Gladstone, author of “The Influencing Machine” joins Hometown Alaska for a discussion on the media.

And you can do just that, when Hometown Alaska hosts NPR’s “On The Media” co-host and managing editor, Brooke Gladstone. After reporting from Moscow and working on “All Things Considered” and “Weekend Edition,” she’s turned some serious years of  scrutinizing the media and how it does (or doesn’t do) its job into a graphic storybook with a meaty message. Gladstone and illustrator Josh Neufeld created “The Influencing Machine,” which she describes as “a treatise on the relationship between us and the media.”

'The Influencing Machine' cover
‘The Influencing Machine’

You can imagine some of our topics:

  • The 24-hour news cycle
  • Echo chambers
  • Is there such a thing as objectivity?
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Government secrecy
  • Is it worse than it’s ever been? Or better than it’s ever been?

Join host Kathleen McCoy, and bring your questions. Where do you get your news? Do you feel informed? Why or why not? If you could change one thing about our current news ecosystem, what would it be? We can’t wait to hear your ideas!


  • Brooke Gladstone, author, “The Influencing Machine”



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HOST: Kathleen McCoy

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