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Eklutna Traverse: A Changing Adventure?

March 14, 2014

The Eklutna traverse, near Anchorage, crosses four glaciers alongside the rugged peaks of Chugach State Park. The 38-mile trip is a popular spring adventure for local and visiting mountaineers. On the next show, host Annie Feidt will talk with two experts who know the Eklutna Traverse intimately — they’ve skied across the glaciers, explored the traverse’s steep backcountry and studied the rate the glaciers are retreating. We’ll delve into whether changing glaciers mean a changing adventure.

Dana Drummond backcountry ski mountaineering above the Eklutna Glacier, western Chugach Mountains, Southcentral Alaska. Photo by Joe Stock.

HOST: Annie Feidt


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Listen now:

In prepping for the show, Outdoor Explorer found some great mountaineering lore surrounding the Eklutna Traverse. Perhaps our favorite was a short story from the October 1990 issue of “Scree“, the publication of the Mountaineering Club of Alaska. The story, “Pichler’s to Peters Creek” was written by Joel Babb.  APRN’s Steve Heimel read the story for us, giving life to Babb’s exciting tale of adventure in the western Chugach. The following recording is an abridged version.

Listen now:

You can read the Joel Babb’s full account in the October 1990 issue of “Scree”. The story closes with a quote that sums up the spirit of adventures like Babb’s:

“The art of Himalayan (or Chugach) travel, indeed of all adventure, is the art of being bold enough to enjoy life now.” – W. H. Murray, 1951

Outdoor Explorer thanks the Mountaineering Club of Alaska for sharing this story, and huts committee chairman Greg Braigel for help producing the show.

ski.wchugach.stock-464 (1)
Todd Smith skinning up the Eagle Glacier in the western Chugach Mountains, Southcentral Alaska. Photo by Joe Stock.
Dana Drummond at Pichler’s Perch cabin above the Eklutna Glacier, western Chugach Mountains, Southcentral Alaska. Photo by Joe Stock.





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