Rejuvenating Alaska Native languages

Alaska is rich in Native languages. Just this past week the Legislature passed a bill making them official languages in our state. Hometown Alaska host Kathleen McCoy and guests explore the cultural heritage of Alaska Native languages and how they can be revived.

ALaska Native languages
Just before Alaska’s Senate voted to make 20 Alaska Native languages official state languages alongside English, Rep. Charisse Millett (seated) held hands with Liz Medicine Crow. Left of them is Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who introduced the bill. Photo by Skip Gray of APRN member station KTOO Juneau.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Roy Mitchell, linguistic anthropologist, Inuit language
  • Taylor Kairairuak, 2014 Yupik spelling bee champion
  • John Aapama Yakanak, Alutiiq-Sugpiaq language teacher
  • Katie Tunuchuk, Yupik teacher
  • Freda Dan, Yupik Spelling Bee organizer



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