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Assemblywoman Proposes Anchorage Labor Law Changes

By | May 19, 2014

An Anchorage assemblywoman is rolling out a proposal to repeal Mayor Dan Sullivan’s labor law changes.

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The Anchorage Daily News reports Jennifer Johnston is proposing a substitute that would restore some provisions eliminated by the law backed by Sullivan.

Sullivan’s measure limited strikes, limited raises to the rate of inflation plus 1 percent and eliminated binding arbitration.

Labor organizations organized a repeal effort that voters will consider in November.

Johnston, an ally of Sullivan, says she wants to avoid spending $400,000 on the referendum. She also says she’s concerned voters will overturn the measure, which would bar the assembly from re-enacting it for two years.

Johnson’s version would restore some rights to strike, eliminate provisions that allowed the city to outsource union work and restore binding arbitration language.

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