Joe Miller Agrees To Support GOP Rivals If They Win Primary

The Republican candidates running for U.S. Senate said in a debate hosted by KTUU yesterday  they’ll support whoever wins the GOP nomination. The big question was about Joe Miller, who had previously refused to say whether he’d run as a write-in or on a third-party ticket if he loses the Republican Primary on Aug. 19. Now, Miller says he’ll back either Dan Sullivan or Mead Treadwell to help unseat the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mark Begich.

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“I believe I’m going to be the Primary winner, with the voters and God’s help,” Miller said. “But if one of you two guys – I’ve never said this before: I’ll support you guys. I will. We’ve got to get rid of Begich. There’s no question about it.”

In other Senate campaign news, former Alaska Governor and TV personality Sarah Palin announced today she’s endorsing Joe Miller. She issued a written statement to Fox News and also posted it on social media.

Most polls show Sullivan leading the Republican race and Miller running a distant third.