Texas Police Chief Chosen To Lead In Fairbanks

The Mayor the City of Fairbanks has chosen a man with extensive law enforcement experience in the south to lead the police department.

Listen now:

Mayor John Eberhart announced his nomination of Randall Aragon as chief Thursday citing Aragon’s long and diverse experience as the key factor.

Aragon, who currently serves as chief of police in La Marque, Texas, was chosen over longtime local police officer, Lieutenant Eric Jewkes, following a forum Monday, during which members of an interview team, a diverse group of community leaders and the public asked the 2 finalists questions.

Mayor Eberhart says Chief Aragon will be charged with improving the relationship between local police and the community, including various cultural groups.

Mayor Eberhart will ask the City Council to concur with his nomination of Aragon at a council meeting Monday night.  If approved, Aragon will start in Fairbanks December 1st. The chief’s job pays around 108 thousand dollars a year. Eberhart says he’ll recommend Aragon consider Lieutenant Jewkes for a deputy chief position.