Police use tear gas to apprehend man who pulled a gun on an officer

Police have taken into custody the man who barricaded himself into a residence in Mountain View after pulling a gun on a police officer Thursday morning. After negotiations failed they released tear gas into the building, and he was apprehended. No one was injured.

Police vehicles block off N. Flower Street in Mountain View.
Police vehicles block off N. Flower Street in Mountain View.

An Anchorage Police Department release says an officer saw 26-year-old Eric Nebreja at the Shell station near North Flower Street at about 9:20 in the morning. Police had been searching for the vehicle since last week. Nebreja saw the officer and tried to drive away, but he hit another vehicle with his car. When the police officer tried to approach the suspect, Nebreja ran away. The officer tried to taze him, but failed. Then Nebreja pulled a gun on two officers then fled the scene on foot. He soon after broke into an apartment complex and barricaded himself inside.

Area residents were evacuated and nearby schools were put on lock down.

Over the next four hours police and SWAT teams tried to negotiate with the suspect. Finally, around two pm, they fired tear gas into the residence and he surrendered.

Nebreja already has felony warrants for Misconduct Involving Weapons, Assault and Escape. Charges for Thursday’s incident are still pending.