Walker To Be Sworn in Monday

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Gov.-elect Bill Walker and Lt. Gov.-elect Byron Mallott will be sworn into office Monday morning at Juneau’s Centennial Hall. The public inauguration ceremony begins at 11:30 and is expected to last about an hour.

There will be seating available in the main ballroom for nearly a 1,000 people.

Alaska Airlines is adding an extra Anchorage-to-Juneau flight Monday morning to accommodate inauguration traffic. Lindsay Hobson is Walker’s daughter and a campaign spokeswoman: “This is the first time in state history where we have had both an Alaskan-born governor and lieutenant governor serving together,” Hobson said.

“You know, I think there’s going to be a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. And also, it is our first nonpartisan administration in Alaska history. And the only nonpartisan governor in the United States right now. So it will be certainly one to remember.”

After the ceremony, Hobson says Walker and Mallott will head to the third floor of the Capitol building to physically assume their offices. Walker plans to stay in the Governor’s Mansion Monday night.