The Mitzvah Mall Returns to Anchorage


Congregation Beth Sholom is again hosting Anchorage’s annual “Mitzvah Mall.” (Mitzvah is Hebrew for commandment and we are commanded to do good deeds) Think of this as a “bizarre bazaar.” There is a room filled with booths, but the “vendors” are nonprofit organizations. Instead of buying more material gifts, shoppers can donate to non-profit organizations on behalf of friends, family or others on their holiday gift list. They give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Previous year’s events raised between $10,000 -$14,000 worth of donations and goodwill in three hours! It is a festive event, with music to add to the fun. Musicians play acoustical music while donors shop. The representatives from the non-profit organizations decorate their booths to entice potential donors. We have live birds representing a bird treatment group.


“Gifts” are in various price ranges beginning at $5. Examples of gifts are

  • $5 Donates towards tack (equipment) like hoof picks for horses used to help disabled people with enjoyment and therapy.
  • $10 provides. food for one family from a Food Pantry
    • $15 covers the cost of materials for a patient’s diabetic education pack.

Shoppers receive decorative gift cards to present to the person in whose honor the gift was purchased.  What a mitzvah: resisting holiday consumerism, doing good deeds, bestowing a wonderful gift and having fun doing it.

Join us in making this holiday season special – for your friends and family and for the other families you’ll be helping, too. Entry is free.