Alaska Military Bases Could Lose 11,100 Troops Amid National Drawdown

A pending military draw down could take more than 11 thousand troops off of bases in Alaska.

Municipal Manager George Vakalis briefed members of the Anchorage Assembly on news that Army downsizing, and ongoing efforts to coordinate with stakeholders.

“The possible cuts that could come out of this would be at Fort Rich, possibly 5,300, at Fort Wainwright possibly 5,800, or something less than that. Or both,” Vakalis said. “Those decisions haven’t been made. Right now the Army is just going through the process of looking.”

Army officials will visit for a listening session in Anchorage on February 23rd, and Fairbanks on February 24th.

A recent study by the Army investigating the effects of a draw down in Alaska found that it would have a significant economic impact on the communities close to bases.

The Army’s overall goal is a force reduction of 120,000 troops nation-wide.