Death of 4 in Anchorage Believed To Be Domestic Violence, No Suspect

The Anchorage Police Department has directed substantial resources towards investigating the deaths, according to Sgt. Mike Couturier.

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The death of four people, two small children and their parents, in a South Anchorage residence appears to be a domestic incident, with no outstanding suspects.

Evidence from the Anchorage Police Department suggests one of the parents is responsible for the deaths, but just a day into the investigation detectives are not yet able to say conclusively what took place.

All four occupants of the rental unit at E. 74th Avenue suffered gunshot wounds, and a firearm was recovered at the crime scene.

“At this point of the investigation we believe this is an isolated domestic violence-related incident, and are not looking for any additional suspects,” Sargent Mike Couturier told reporters during a briefing Thursday.

Detectives don’t yet have a motive in the case, but collected electronic devices to look for clues about what might have taken place.

The family was discovered by the father of one of the victims, Desiree Leandra Gonzales, 27, during a welfare check Wednesday morning after the children’s father, 24-year-old Curtis Young III, did not drop them off as planned earlier in the day.

Couturier said that during police follow-ups in the neighborhood multiple neighbors reported hearing shots during the night between 1:37am and 4am, but no call was made to APD.

The other two victims were identified as Zaiden and Zarielle Young, both under the age of five.

This is a developing story and will be updated as details become available.