Girdwood residents concerned about Alaska State Trooper cuts

Residents of the ski resort community of Girdwood are concerned about losing Alaska State Trooper patrols at the end of the year.

KTVA-TV reports that Girdwood trooper barracks will close Dec. 31 as part of state-ordered budget cuts. The plan is to have troopers based out of Anchorage cover traffic and safety patrols along the Seward Highway all the way to Cooper Landing, about a 100 mile drive.

In response, the Girdwood Board of Supervisors has formed a public safety task force to find other ways to address residents’ concerns.

Officials are considering asking the Whittier Police Department respond to emergency calls in Girdwood, or to cross train Girdwood EMS to be public safety officers.

The Municipality of Anchorage says they are working with Girdwood to find a solution.