3 passers-by, officer stop woman from jumping off overpass

The Anchorage Police Department says a police officer and three passers-by stopped an apparently suicidal woman from jumping off a pedestrian overpass Saturday afternoon.

Police say in a statement that it received several calls saying a woman was on top of the overpass on the city’s east side. The woman seemed distraught and it looked like she was going to jump.

Police say Officer Tyler Sutcliffe and two passers-by – Daniel Mullins, 28, and Duane Hunte, 51 – tried to talk her down. The woman did not respond.

Police say that just as the woman started to jump, a third man, whose identity was not available, grabbed hold of her and stopped her from falling.

Sutcliffe, Mullins and Hunte then grabbed her as well. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital.