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Enstar wants permission to raise gas prices to cover $1 million in earthquake repairs

Anchorage natural gas company Enstar is asking state regulators to allow it to bill its customers to recover $1 million in costs from last year's major earthquake.

HUD grants $35.8M to Alaska for long-term earthquake recovery effort

The state has already received more than $130 million in federal aid to help recover from the 2018 earthquake.

Inside Anchorage’s big 2018 earthquake, a ‘Snickers bar’ of shifting layers

"Intra-slab" earthquakes, like the magnitude 7.1 quake that struck Anchorage in 2018, tend to leave fewer clues at the surface and therefore researchers have to use unique methods for figuring out how often they occur and how big they can be.

Debt, anxiety, confusion: a year later, some earthquake victims still recovering

For many of the residents whose property saw the most severe damage, the earthquake has gone from a natural disaster to a financial one.

LISTEN: The Nov. 30 earthquake, one year later: what did we learn?

It's been a year since the largest earthquake to shake Alaska since 1964 hit the Southcentral region. Even with millions of dollars in destruction happening in seconds, no one was killed. Was it building codes, epicenter location or just luck?
Shakemap of Nov. 30, 2018 quake

Alaska Native non-profit sues Texas insurance company over earthquake damage

Cook Inlet Tribal Council says its insurer has acted in bad faith assessing earthquake damage and paying money for repairs.

Builders in Anchorage await a mini-boom from earthquake repairs

As the snow melts, a complete picture of the damage from November's earthquake is emerging, giving the construction industry a sense of optimism about the building season ahead.

Southcentral residents still have until April 30 to file taxes, due to earthquake

Thousands of Alaskans affected by the earthquake that struck Southcentral Alaska Nov. 30 are eligible for an automatic extension for filing their tax returns.

Earthquake Safety | Line One: Your Health Connection

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Months after 7.0 Alaska earthquake, federal disaster assistance process continues

Between Jan. 31 and March 4, FEMA approved more than $4.1 million in disaster assistance aid for more than 1,300 Alaskans, according to the agency.

Trump Administration approves money for earthquake recovery

The move will potentially unlock funds to reimburse for repairs to damaged public infrastructure, schools, as well as individual homeowners.

Updated budget requests would fund earthquake relief, cut school funds

One request includes cutting $20 million for public schools that lawmakers agreed to as part of the budget deal last spring.

Dunleavy requests federal disaster money for earthquake recovery

The step could unlock tens of millions of dollars in disaster relief funds for entities damage during the November 30th quake and continuing aftershocks. 

Anchorage earthquake put new mapping tool to the test

The Nov. 30 Anchorage earthquake was one of the first big tests of a new computer model aimed at quickly estimating how significant landslides and other ground failures will be following an earthquake.

Price tag for 7.0 earthquake: $76M. So far.

The figure represents just a partial accounting, with more information still being collected ahead of a formal request by the state for federal relief money.

Anchorage schools resume classes post-earthquake, with some students relocated

Anchorage School District classes resumed today after being closed for more than a week following last month's magnitude 7.0 earthquake. While most of the students are in the schools they've attended all year, two schools had to relocate because of significant damage.

Ask an Economist: Earthquake recovery will help economy, but not enough to end recession

Economic activity driven by last month's major earthquake is not going to pull the state out of recession.

A Discussion on Earthquake Recovery | Alaska Insight

Aftershocks from the massive earthquake that struck Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska on Friday morning continued over the weekend, adding stress to the...

A week after the Anchorage earthquake, city continues to find damaged homes

Anchorage is still coming to grips with the extent of the damage on buildings and homes following the 7.0 earthquake that struck the region on Nov. 30.

Anchorage Museum archives earthquake with viral memes, Twitter poetry

The Anchorage Museum's historical record of the Nov. 30 quake will include viral memes and verses published via Facebook and Twitter.