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Anne Hillman, KSKA - Anchorage

Judge rules state must comply with National Guard records request

Judge rules state must comply with National Guard records request

An Alaska Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that the governor’s office must start providing documents about the National Guard scandal to Alaska Public Media and Alaska Dispatch News. The State has until noon Friday to hand over any related public records they have already identified and a privilege log that explains why they cannot provide other documents.

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Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Anchorage

In Years Prior To Investigation, Chaplains And Parnell Aide Submitted Guard Complaints To Governor’s Top Staff

Parnell’s former military affairs advisor says that when she reached out to the about complaints about the Guard, she was directed to involve the leadership the complaints concerned. She was also told that the Administration had already addressed these types of allegations.

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Lisa Phu, KTOO - Juneau

Organizations Making Final Push To Encourage Alaska Native Voters

As Election Day nears, Native organizations in Juneau are making one last big push to encourage voters through a Get Out the Native Vote information rally on Saturday.

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Daysha Eaton, KYUK - Bethel

YKHC Moves Into New Prematernal Home

A facility that has lowered infant and mother morbidity rates in the Y-K Delta has a new home. Bethel’s Prematernal Home has moved to a new building along the Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. The new Home is three times the size of the old one and has improved amenities for the region’s expectant mothers during the final stage of pregnancy.

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Annie Ropeik, KUCB - Unalaska

Refuge Proposes Shooting Caribou that Swim Off Adak

Refuge Proposes Shooting Caribou that Swim Off Adak

Adak Island is home to something you won’t find much of elsewhere in the Aleutians: a herd of caribou, introduced in the 1950s as a hunting option for the naval base. The base has since closed, but the caribou are still there — and lately, some have been striking out for new pastures. It’s got wildlife refuge managers looking to keep a herd from forming where hunters can’t follow.

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Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska - Juneau

Report: Second-Growth Logging Can Start Now

Remains of a Tongass clear-cut and logging road north of Ketchikan. New growth in parts of the forest could be cut to jump-start a modern timber industry, a report says. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska)

Tongass National Forest officials want the timber industry to log and process fewer old trees. They’re planning a 10- to-15-year transition to harvesting younger forests. Two Oregon researchers, one an industry consultant and the other an environmental activist, say it can happen sooner.

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Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage

Three Way Race For House 10

A three way race for House District 10 pits Republican incumbent Wes Keller against Democrat newcomer Neal Lacy, and undeclared Roger Purcell.

Anne Hillman, KSKA - Anchorage

Alaska Public Media, Alaska Dispatch News Take State To Court Over National Guard Documents

Alaska Public Media and Alaska Dispatch News are taking the State to court because the state government has failed to provide documents regarding the National Guard Scandal.

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Annie Feidt, APRN - Anchorage

Medicaid Reform Group Hears Passionate Testimony On Proposed Cuts

The State’s Medicaid Reform Advisory Group has met for the last six months in relative obscurity. That changed today (Wednesday) when more than 200 parents, doctors and physical therapists showed up to testify about a list of proposed “innovations” the group hopes will help curtail the growing cost of program. The message the group heard was that the reforms would have huge impacts on the people who rely on Medicaid for health services.

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Jennifer Canfield, KTOO - Juneau

DOJ May Intervene In Alaska Supreme Court Case

The U.S. Department of Justice may intervene in an Alaska Supreme Court case concerning a non-Native couple’s adoption of an Alaska Native child. In September, the Native Village of Tununak lost its appeal against the State of Alaska and the adoptive couple.

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Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

GOP’s U.S. Senate , House Hopefuls Try To Tie Democratic Foes To Obama, Reid et al.

Candidates for Alaska’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate squared off at a forum in Fairbanks Tuesday.

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Quinton Chandler, KBBI - Homer

Property Crime Victims Often Given The Back Seat

Nikiski residents are frustrated by a recent rash of property crimes and are dissatisfied with law enforcement’s response. A state agency set up to help crime victims claims there is a larger trend of disenfranchisement among property crime victims across Alaska.

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Lauren Rosenthal, KUCB - Unalaska

Unalaska Holds On As America’s Top Fishing Port

The port of Dutch Harbor will hang onto its title as the nation’s busiest fishing port for another year.

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Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Alaska Ranks Among Nation’s Least Energy-Efficient States

Alaska rates near the bottom in a nationwide survey on how states are improving energy-efficiency programs. A state energy official says the survey may not be giving Alaska enough credit for the programs it has put in place in recent years.

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Anne Hillman, KSKA - Anchorage

New Geologic Materials Center Opens In Anchorage

David LaPain. (Photo by Anne Hillman, KSKA - Anchorage)

The State has a new library – for rocks. The new Geologic Materials Center opened in Anchorage Wednesday in what used to be the old Sam’s Club. The facility is aimed at giving industry members, academics and the public access to the wealth of data kept in core samples from around the state.

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Liz Ruskin, APRN

Letter Shaming Alaska Voters Cribbed From Study Proving Its Value

Letters from an unknown group calling itself the Alaska State Voter Project are appearing in Alaska mailboxes. They list the voting history of the addressee – along with that of other community members. Many recipients are outraged, saying the letters are an attempt to shame them into voting. A political scientist says the letters are nearly identical to ones he used in a 2006 experiment.

APRN Programs

APRN Programs


Libertarian Candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate

Libertarians believe citizens should be free to engage in any activity that does not violate the rights of others. Their party wants government out of the way so people can pursue liberty and freedom. How would this translate to elected positions?

APRN: Tuesday, 10/28 at 10:00am

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U.S. House Candidate Forrest Dunbar

Lifelong Alaskan and political newcomer Forrest Dunbar is young and determined. This Yale Law grad wants to be Alaska’s next Congressman. Dunbar is running as a Democrat. His social policy fits with that party, but he says he is more in line with Republicans on resource development.

APRN: Wednesday, 10/29 at 10:00am

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AK: Sea Star Mystery

A trip to the coast usually means you’re going to see sea stars, but a mysterious disease is killing them along the West Coast. There had been a few reports of sick sea stars in Alaska, but recently in Sitka, the first mass die offs in the state were detected. Scientists in Sitka are tracking the progress.

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300 Villages

300 Villages: Hydaburg

This week, we’re heading to Hydaburg on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast. Natasha Peele is city administrator of Hydaburg.

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Alaska News Nightly: October 30, 2014

Judge Rules State Must Comply With National Guard Records Request; Organizations Making Final Push To Encourage Alaska Native Voters; YKHC Moves Into New Prematernal Home; Timeline Begins To Emerge From National Guard Documents; Refuge Proposes Shooting Caribou that Swim Off Adak; Report: Second-Growth Logging Can Start Now;

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