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Anne Hillman, Community Affairs Desk

Protests continue outside LIO over education funding and medicaid expansion

Protesters at the LIO in downtown Anchorage. Hillman/KSKA

Alaskans express their frustration at the legislature about education funding through song.

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Elizabeth Jenkins, KTOO - Juneau

New Business: Salmon Skin Wallets, Crab Shell Shirts For the Masses

New Business: Salmon Skin Wallets, Crab Shell Shirts For the Masses

A small Juneau business launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to crowdsource funds for a unique line of apparel and accessories. Tidal Vision is hoping it’s onto the next big thing: garments sewn from discarded salmon skin and crab shells.

Joaqlin Estus, KNBA - Anchorage

Obama Creates Arctic Steering Committee

President Obama discussed Alaska, climate change, and Arctic issues in a speech May 20. That came after an executive order in January creating an Arctic Executive Steering Committee to coordinate federal Arctic activities. These may be signs Arctic issues are gaining a higher profile.

Annie Feidt, APRN - Anchorage

All Aboard the Gravy Train: ‘The Magpie’ Serves Up The Goods In Anchorage

All Aboard the Gravy Train: ‘The Magpie’ Serves Up The Goods In Anchorage

An Anchorage chef has a new food truck called The Magpie that serves breakfast and lunch with as many local ingredients as possible.

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Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Juneau

House Republicans: Take It Or Leave It

After weeks of an impasse, House Republicans have a new message for Democrats: Take our latest budget package, or we’ll go around you.

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Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Fairbanks Navigates Pot Legalization

The Fairbanks North Star Borough is holding a public meeting Wednesday on proposed rules for marijuana businesses.

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Lori Townsend, APRN - Anchorage

Going Undercover With APD Vice’s Kathy Lacey

Busting drug dealers, sex traffickers and prostitutes is a tough job. Recently retired Sergeant Kathy Lacey did that dangerous work for 20 years as the head of Anchorage Police Department’s undercover vice unit. Lacey says when she first started in law enforcement, prostitution and drug crimes were more visible, out on the street. Now though, she says trafficking is more covert.

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Monica Gokey, KSKA - Anchorage

Norwegian Monarch Visits Alaska, Urges Action on Climate Change

Norwegian Monarch Visits Alaska, Urges Action on Climate Change

The King of Norway visited Anchorage on Wednesday bearing a message of goodwill, and the message that climate change is a priority for all Arctic nations.

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Maria Dudzak, KRBD - Ketchikan

No one injured during police standoff in Ketchikan

No one was injured and no shots fired during a police standoff of more than three hours outside a Ketchikan home on Memorial Day.

Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska - Juneau

Ten run for five Sealaska Corp. board seats

Ten run for five Sealaska Corp. board seats

Five independent candidates are challenging five incumbents for seats on Sealaska’s board of directors. The election is quieter than last year’s, but not without controversy.

Emily Schwing, KUCB - Unalaska

Alaska’s Orthodox Bishop Visits Unalaska

Alaska’s Orthodox Bishop, David Mahaffey was in Unalaska last week. He has held his post in Alaska for just over a year. He said in that time, he’s placed more focus on work with the Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training Program, or RADACT, to address issues of substance and alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

Ellie Coggins, KYUK - Bethel

Chevak Artist Receives a Rasmuson Award

Lisa Unin of Chevak. -Photo courtesy of the Rasmuson Foundation

Lisa Unin, a resident of Chevak, has received an award from the Rasmuson Foundation for her traditional Cup’ik parkas. Using this money, Unin will make two full-sized parkas.

Molly Dischner, KDLG - Dillingham

Mediation proposed for salmon sustainability certification squabble

The Marine Stewardship Council will facilitate mediation for the salmon processors who disagree about who can participate in the client group that has the council’s sustainability certification. Back in April, ten of Alaska’s major salmon buyers asked to rejoin the label they dropped in 2012, saying it will help them tap back into picky European markets.

The Associated Press

Fairbanks man arrested on suspicion of attempted arson

A 52-year-old Fairbanks man has been taken into custody on suspicion of attempted arson and domestic assault.

The Associated Press

Federal, state reports show Juneau population decline

According to reports from the Alaska Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the City and Borough of Juneau is declining.

The Associated Press

Nome Superior Court Judge accused of ethics violations

Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley has been accused of violating the Alaska Code of Judicial Conduct.

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The Legislative Special Session

Lawmakers have gaveled out of the Governor’s special session without acting on his requests of fully funding the state budget, expanding medicaid and passing sexual abuse prevention legislation, known as Erin’s law for schools. Legislators have now called themselves into special session. What changes when lawmakers make the call?

APRN: Tuesday, 5/26 at 10:00am

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AK: A 12-Year-Old Ambassador

Imagine you arrive in a world where it rains all year round, and daylight swings from 17 hours in summertime to a paltry six in winter. And you’re only seven years old. That’s the situation Jasmine Molina found herself when she first got to Sitka, over 5,000 miles from her native city of Manila in the Philippines. Sitka’s Filipino population has grown substantially in the past five years, but there remains no formal system to help new students transition to school. That is, until Jasmine came to town.

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49 Voices

49 Voices: Jean Aspen of Homer

This week, we’re hearing from Jean Aspen, a writer of wilderness books and a nurse who lives in Homer.

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Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

House Republicans: Take It Or Leave It; Protests Continue Over Education Funding, Medicaid Expansion; Heroin Hits Home: City of Bethel Forms Heroin Task Force; Fairbanks Navigates Pot Legalization; Going Undercover With APD Vice’s Kathy Lacey; Norwegian Monarch Visits Alaska, Urges Action on Climate Change; Yup’ik Singer, Drummer Performs in WDC; Chemical Tags in Ear Bones Reveal Chinooks’ Life Histories

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