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Sea star wasting syndrome, or disease as it has become known, hit Kachemak Bay hard in 2016, killing about 90 percent of sunflower and true star populations. Listen now

The state has been collecting data on prescription opioids and controlled substances since 2012, but until last month, prescribers and pharmacies have been volunteering that data. Listen now

On many Alaska beaches, plastic washes up faster than it can be picked up. The remote locations and mountains of plastic make Chris Pallister’s clean up work incredibly expensive. Listen now

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources is beginning to work through tideland lease applications for the mariculture industry. Listen now

The battle between killer whales and longline fishermen has been going on for decades in the Bering Sea. Pods of whales will follow boats and pick fish off their lines as they pull them in. Some commercial fishermen say the whales have become so persistent, they have changed fishing grounds to avoid them, but regulators may have a solution. Listen now

An ongoing study published in the scientific journal Public Library of Science aims to find out how charter operators’ fishing habits have evolved and the ripple effect of their decisions. Listen now

Three Homer City Council members who were subjects of a highly contentious recall effort will retain their seats. The political battle led to a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska and two political groups have formed around the issue. Listen now

Three Homer City Council members subject of a highly contentious recall effort will retain their seats. Each council member was voted on individually. After the election day Tuesday, each council member obtained little over 50 percent of the regular vote.

The votes are all in for Homer’s recall election of three liberal city council members. But the results are not yet clear. The politically divided town will remain in limbo until absentee votes are counted Friday.

An Anchorage Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday against three Homer City Council members seeking to halt a recall election next month. Listen now

A handful of research and conservation groups received a grant this month that will fund a program aimed at engaging students in western and northern villages in real-world problem solving. Listen now

Hilcorp operation managers were in Kenai Friday to speak at an Alliance luncheon. Cook Inlet Offshore Operations Manager Stan Golis updated the pro-oil industry group on recent oil and gas leaks. Listen now

In Wrangell, recycling isn’t as simple as wheeling a plastic container out to the curb each week. That service doesn’t exist in most communities in Southeast Alaska. Not to mention trying to get rid of large items like old TVs, computers and printers. In order to prevent these items from ending up in a landfill, they need to be sorted by hand and shipped off the island. Listen now
Cannabis Plant. (Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Wrangell’s only proposed pot business has been given the go-ahead, pending the approval of a local building permit. Listen now

Building electric circuits has been a science-class staple for decades. Using copper wire, a 9-volt battery and a light bulb, students learn about the flow of electricity. That classic lesson is changing as new technologies, such as drones and robots, enter the classroom. Listen now

This week we're hearing from Ivan Simonek in Wrangell. Simonek emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 60s. Listen now

Ocean acidification has been big news lately. Experts have spoken about the possible consequences for shellfish and the critters that eat them but, its actual impact in Southeast Alaska is not known. Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research, a network of 15 Southeast tribes, hopes to answer that question. Listen now

This week we’re hearing from Lawrence Bahovec in Wrangell. Bahovec has lived all over Southeast Alaska since he was a baby and recently celebrated his 100th birthday on January 4. Listen now

Would you eat salmon flavored ice cream or use salmon oil on your dog? A Southeast-based seafood competition aims to find out what innovations the Alaska seafood industry has when it comes to value-added products. Listen now

Wrangell may see a new senior and assisted living facility come to fruition this year. The 16-bedroom Old Sourdough Lodge, a 36-year-old bed and breakfast, is under new ownership and is being converted to house Wrangell’s seniors. Listen now