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Administration officials have a mouthful of a name for it: the “capped hybrid head tax.” It’s a flat 1.5 percent of wages and self-employment income, with a maximum of twice the value of that year’s Alaska Permanent Fund dividend. Listen now

Walker said he has spoken several times with U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, whose vote could help determine the bill’s fate. Listen now

A Superior Court judge is weighing how to define who is allowed to run the Alaska Democratic Party primary. The party wants to allow independent candidates to run in the primary without registering as Democrats. Listen now

If the state budget didn’t lower Alaska Permanent Fund dividends this year, they would have been among the highest in state history, at more than $2,300. Instead, they will be $1,100, deposited or mailed on Oct. 5. Listen now

A rise in crime in Alaska has led Gov. Bill Walker to seek a bill in the special session next month that would allow more jail time for some thefts and other crimes. Listen now

A state lawmaker, who is concerned that the Village Public Safety Officer program isn't spending money efficiently, wants the program audited.

Gov. Bill Walker on Thursday announced he’s appointed Sheldon Fisher to be Alaska’s Department of Revenue Commissioner. Fisher is moving from being the Department of Administration commissioner. Listen now

Experts say support for reinsurance from bipartisan group of governors draws from Alaska’s experience. Listen now

Alaska Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth joined a legal brief in a U.S. Supreme Court case Tuesday, arguing that redistricting shouldn’t favor one political party. Listen now

Walker did not say what revenue options he’ll put on agenda for the session. There is a $2.36 billion gap between what the state spends and what it raises in taxes, fees and oil royalties.

Alaska’s state and local governments could save roughly $200 million a year if it formed what’s called a health care authority. That’s according to a long-awaited study by three consultants released Wednesday. Listen Now

The Alaska Democratic Party voted last year to change its rules to allow independents to run for its nomination for office. But state officials blocked the move. Now both sides are in court over the issue. Listen now

On Friday, The Alaska Supreme Court upheld Gov. Bill Walker’s veto that halved Permanent Fund dividends last year. Listen now

Southeast Alaska lawmakers spent time during the legislative session working to protect regional interests, including the ferry system. The lack of agreement over a long-term plan to balance the state’s budget means there’s more work for them to do. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker registered today as a candidate for next year’s election for governor. He’ll be joined again on an unaffiliated ticket by Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott. Listen now

While Congress has debated repealing the Affordable Care Act, some doctors want to make sure that at least parts of the law remain in place in Alaska. They’re sponsoring two initiatives that could be on the ballot next year. Listen now

If you live anywhere in the country with a sales tax, the online retailer Amazon collects it – except in Alaska. Alaska is unique because it’s the only state with local sales taxes but no statewide tax. Listen now

The renovation will open up space. Some internal walls will be torn down. And the new space will let the corporation hire more workers, so more of fund is managed by corporation employees. Listen now

Walker said on Politico’s Off Message podcast that Trump’s stated wish to achieve energy dominance is good for Alaska. Listen now

State Sen. Dennis Egan said the Legislature should have passed a bill revising last year’s criminal justice overhaul. Listen now