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Senate President Pete Kelly said leaders should focus on the budget. Listen now

The Alaska House voted to restore Permanent Fund dividends to the full projected amount of roughly $2,200 dollars this fall.

Clem Tillion has a message to lawmakers who want to reduce the PFD: Don’t think any changes you make are going to last.

Today, House Finance aides referred to it as a payroll tax. That’s because it would only tax the money people are paid for their employment, either on their employer’s payroll or through self-employment. But other forms of income – like the money people make on investments – wouldn’t be taxed.

Despite a looming deadline, lawmakers made no public progress this week on reaching agreement on a state budget and a plan to balance the budget in future years.

There’s a long list of state government services that would grind to a halt on July 1st if lawmakers can’t agree to a budget.

“We just want to know how much… how much to write the check for to send over to the state treasury, and we are trying to balance that out," she said. "And having a difference of $1.6 billion is a big difference. And we’re hopeful they can get that reconciled sooner rather than later.”

“It may not be a perfect compromise," Gov. Walker said. "It’s the only compromise that’s on the table. I would welcome other compromises coming forth. I submitted a compromise because I didn’t see one.”

After an entire regular session and more than half a special session gone with no deal on a state budget, Governor Bill Walker met with legislative leaders today (Mon., June 5) to roll out a compromise package.

The cost to taxpayers of going past the 90-day legislative session set by state law is roughly $1 million – and rising. Listen now

Many things divide the Alaska Senate and the House about the future of the state’s budget. One thing that can unite them is the numbers they use to determine how big of a hole in the budget they have to fill. Listen now

There were no committee meetings and only technical floor sessions in the Capitol on Wednesday, the seventh day of the Alaska Legislature’s 30-day special session. Listen now

The House passed a bill Monday intended to reduce the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription opioids. Listen now

Talk on the first day of the legislative special session focused on whether the House and Senate can compromise on a plan to balance the state’s budget in the future. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker called the Alaska Legislature into a special session starting Thursday.

Former Alaska Supreme Court Justice Dana Fabe will receive the 2017 Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education. The award is from the National Center for State Courts.

The Alaska Legislature approved 101 of Governor Bill Walker’s appointments yesterday – and voted down one. The only rejection was of Fairbanks resident Drew Phoenix. Listen now

The Alaska Legislature is scheduled to end its session Wednesday, under a deadline set by the Alaska Constitution. But that doesn’t mean its work is over. Listen now

The Senate voted against a state income tax Friday. Listen now

The Senate plans to vote Friday on a House proposal to bring an income tax to Alaska. Senate majority leaders oppose the tax, and it will likely go down in defeat. But this isn’t the first time Alaska has debated this tax — and it may not be the last. Listen now