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Differences between lawmakers are emerging on how deeply to cut the state budget. Listen now

People across Alaska are asking U.S. Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski to hold town hall meetings where they can express their opposition to policies being pursued by President Donald Trump. They’re joining a national effort by Trump opponents who want Congress to act as a check on the president. Listen now

The Senate majority unveiled its plan to limit state spending and draw money from Permanent Fund earnings to pay for the state budget Friday. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker’s administration is asking the federal government to take on much of the cost of supporting the individual insurance market. Listen now

Alaska moved a step closer Wednesday (Feb. 22) to permanently filling the position of attorney general. Listen now

There are three different proposals to draw money from Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to pay for part of the state government’s budget. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker took action this week to try to stem the epidemic of overdose deaths from heroin and other opioid drugs.

Alaska’s budget reserves could be gone in 10 years if the state government doesn’t take action to balance its budget, the Legislature’s nonpartisan finance expert said Wednesday (Feb. 15). Listen now

A proposed bill would increase the fee Alaskans pay to the state when they buy studded tires by 1,500 percent. Listen now

Under a proposed statewide income tax bill in the Capitol, Alaskans would have a choice when they apply for their annual permanent fund dividend: whether or not to set aside money to pay for their next year’s state income tax liability. Listen now

Alaskans would pay a tax on income for the first time since 1980 under a bill introduced in the Legislature on Friday. Listen now

Alaska law bars the state government from spending money to comply with the federal REAL ID Act. Starting next January, the federal government will require Alaska residents boarding commercial flights to have ID cards that meet REAL ID standards. Listen now

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Craig Stowers said Alaska’s courts are leading the way in cutting costs in a way that doesn’t threaten vital services. Listen now

Lawmakers are considering tripling the state’s motor fuels tax over the next two years. A bill would raise the tax from a national low of 8 cents per gallon to 16 cents in July, then 24 cents per gallon in July 2018. Listen now

Alaska’s state government can save money by privatizing some services at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute, or API. But it doesn’t look like it would save if it privatized all services. Listen now

Some state legislators want to write into law a new limit on how much the state can spend each year. But policy experts say it’s a difficult strategy to put into effect. And Alaska already has a limit – one that critics say hasn’t worked. Listen now

State health leaders say a federal repeal of the Affordable Care Act could make it difficult to implement reforms to Medicaid. That could cost the state the tens of millions of dollars that lawmakers are counting on. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker criticized President Donald Trump’s order that halted immigration from seven heavily Muslim countries, indefinitely banned Syrian refugees and temporarily banned all other refugees. Listen now

Legislators are considering changes to a seven-month-old law that overhauled the criminal justice system. The commission that helped shape the law has recommended 14 changes to it. Listen now

When Alaska legislators or their immediate family members financially benefit from bills, the lawmakers declare they have a conflict of interest. Listen now