Andrew Kitchenman, APRN & KTOO - Juneau


Many things divide the Alaska Senate and the House about the future of the state’s budget. One thing that can unite them is the numbers they use to determine how big of a hole in the budget they have to fill. Listen now

There were no committee meetings and only technical floor sessions in the Capitol on Wednesday, the seventh day of the Alaska Legislature’s 30-day special session. Listen now

The House passed a bill Monday intended to reduce the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription opioids. Listen now

Talk on the first day of the legislative special session focused on whether the House and Senate can compromise on a plan to balance the state’s budget in the future. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker called the Alaska Legislature into a special session starting Thursday.

Former Alaska Supreme Court Justice Dana Fabe will receive the 2017 Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education. The award is from the National Center for State Courts.

The Alaska Legislature approved 101 of Governor Bill Walker’s appointments yesterday – and voted down one. The only rejection was of Fairbanks resident Drew Phoenix. Listen now

The Alaska Legislature is scheduled to end its session Wednesday, under a deadline set by the Alaska Constitution. But that doesn’t mean its work is over. Listen now

The Senate voted against a state income tax Friday. Listen now

The Senate plans to vote Friday on a House proposal to bring an income tax to Alaska. Senate majority leaders oppose the tax, and it will likely go down in defeat. But this isn’t the first time Alaska has debated this tax — and it may not be the last. Listen now

Representative David Eastman became the first member of the Alaska House to be censured on Wednesday. Listen now

Members of the House majority have introduced legislation to enshrine Permanent Fund dividends into the Alaska Constitution. Dividends would be at least $1,250 each year. Listen now

Alaska House members are demanding Rep. David Eastman apologize for saying some women are glad to become pregnant so they can receive Medicaid-funded travel to have abortions. So far, he’s declined. Listen now

There are two weeks remaining until the legislative session is scheduled to end, but there are few signs of progress on reaching compromises on the budget and a long-term plan to pay for it. Listen now

State Rep. David Eastman said some Alaskans are glad to become pregnant, so that they can have a Medicaid-funded trip to Anchorage or Seattle to have an abortion. Eastman didn’t provide evidence for this, but said he had been told this by friends and acquaintances. Listen now

Representatives of two regional Alaska Native tribal organizations offered support for an income or another progressive tax Tuesday. Listen now

The extra money from a state income tax would help Alaska’s state government withstand low oil prices or poor investment returns, according to a computer model developed by nonpartisan budget experts. Listen now

The state’s budget problem is shrinking, but it may not be enough to resolve differences between the Senate and House. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker tried and failed to get lawmakers to vote on his nominees Thursday. Listen now

The prospect of having a state income tax in Alaska for the first time in 37 years drew passionate responses both in favor and opposed during public testimony on Tuesday. Listen now