Anne Hillman, Alaska Public Media

Anne Hillman, Alaska Public Media
After being told innumerable times that maybe she asked too many questions, Anne Hillman decided to pursue a career in journalism. She's reported from around Alaska since 2007 and briefly worked as a community radio journalism trainer in rural South Sudan. ahillman (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8447  |  About Anne

A little-known district court judge in Detroit shapes the protection of civil rights for a nation. A young man and his mother journey through gender transition. On the next Talk of Alaska we'll discuss two documentaries featured in the Anchorage International Film Festival - Walk with Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith and Real Boy. Listen Now

FBI statistics show the number of hate crimes is on the rise nationally, but very few are reported in Alaska. Local officials say that’s not necessarily because they aren’t happening, they just don’t know about them. A recent class taught community members how to recognize and report a hate crime. Listen Now

New president Kevin McGee said the NAACP is focused on more than just the rights of African-Americans; they are building relationships with other community organizations to stand up for the rights for all Alaskans. Listen Now

How much does race matter? Does it define who you are? How people react to you? Join us for Community in Unity: Race & Identity, a public conversation about race, how it helps us define ourselves, and how it influences our interactions with others.

Last year the legislature passed a far-reaching omnibus criminal justice reform bill – SB 91. It was based on recommendations from the Criminal Justice Reform Commission and developed to both save money and reduce recidivism. It’s based on data from similar initiatives around the country. Opponents says it’s soft on crime and lets people off too easily. But political arguments aside – what does this 128-page tomb actually do? What’s already happening and what’s yet to come? That’s the topic on Talk of Alaska. Listen now

Transgender Day of Remembrance honors victims of violence, and reminds community members to support each other. Listen Now

Though many community members and advisory members expressed concern, the change in leadership at the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority was made official on Thursday.

Anchorage School District is trying to close the achievement gap by having open conversations about race and racism. Listen Now

Alaska's Human Rights Commission is taking steps to legally protect members of the LGBTQ community from discrimination. Listen Now

This week is an election special-- Zoo election, that is. Supporters of the Alaska Zoo will be electing a president of their own on November 8th. Today we’ll hear from three candidates -- Aphun the polar bear, Denali the wolf and George the Magpie—as well as their two campaign managers. Listen Now

The Anchorage School District has a new public web page that lets community members comb through district data. Listen Now

Retired Sgt. Kevin Briggs is known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge. For years he patrolled the iconic San Francisco landmark and spoke with people who were considering suicide. Listen Now

Mental health advocates are expressing concern that the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is straying from its mission after the sudden resignation of its CEO, and several groups are calling for special audits of the trust. Listen Now

On November 8, Alaskans will vote on Ballot Measure No. 1, which would automatically register eligible individuals to vote when they apply for a PFD, unless they opt out. But would the initiative actually improve voter turnout? One expert says maybe a little. Listen Now

Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld is in Anchorage this week, trying to shore up support for his running mate, Gary Johnson, and to increase the visibility of the Libertarian Party in Alaska. Listen Now

The CEO of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority resigned Wednesday and will take on a different role in the organization. Some of the trustees allege that his resignation indicates violations of the Alaska Open Meetings Act. Listen Now

The CEO of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority stepped down on Monday. Jeff Jessee served as CEO for 21 years. A press release from the organization does not explain why Jessee is stepping down, what his new role will be, or when the decision was made.

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan spoke at AFN this afternoon about improving water and sewer access in rural Alaska and about helping Alaska Native veterans. Listen Now

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell addressed AFN Friday. Jewell announced a new secretarial order that requires the Department to include native communities and traditional ecological knowledge in land management decisions. Listen Now

What does it mean to be transgender? How does a person know if their biological sex fits who they really are?Learn about gender identity on Community in Unity!Download Audio.