Anne Hillman, Alaska Public Media

Anne Hillman, Alaska Public Media
After being told innumerable times that maybe she asked too many questions, Anne Hillman decided to pursue a career in journalism. She's reported from around Alaska since 2007 and briefly worked as a community radio journalism trainer in rural South Sudan. ahillman (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8447  |  About Anne

The Supreme Court Justice describes what it's like to be put in the limelight and why we need diverse perspectives to have a successful judicial system.

Natasha Von Imhof won the three-way race for the Republican nominee for Senate District L Tuesday with 48 percent of the vote. Von Imhof, a former Anchorage School Board member, says one of her...

LGBTQ elders say Anchorage was very accepting until the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, when everything changed. Listen now

Michael Talcott, 57, was found unresponsive in his cell and died on Sunday afternoon. Listen now

Organizations and social services in Anchorage are learning from the stresses caused by closing down homeless camps in Anchorage to develop long-term collaborations and strategies. Listen now

Tom Begich and Ed Wesley are vying for the seat held by Johnny Ellis for more than two decades. Listen now

New, easily searchable database helps the Anchorage School District develop solutions. And the information will be public. Listen now

People with drug felonies can now apply for food stamps in Alaska, but they have to prove that they are complying with parole and substance abuse treatment requirements. Listen now

The Alaska Supreme Court overturned the state's parental notification law for minors who are seeking abortions. The voter-passed initiative required unmarried women under 18 who wanted to terminate their pregnancies to notify their parents 48 hours before the procedure. The court deemed it unconstitutional. Listen now

As of Wednesday evening, the McHugh Fire was estimated at 842 acres, and 250 crew members from Alaska and the Lower 48 were working on stopping its growth. The community gathered to get more information. Listen now

A new report shows high rates of turnover are leading to inconsistency at the Office of Children’s Services, which operates the state’s foster care system. Frontline workers also say the community does not understand what they do. Listen now
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A Fort Wainwright soldier was found dead at his off-base home in Fairbanks on Saturday afternoon. Listen now

In the wake of more police shootings of black men, the attacks in Dallas, and subsequent protests nationwide, including in Alaska, the time is ripe to have an open conversation about race and law enforcement in Alaska. Though we’ll be talking specifically about the Black Lives Matter movement, you can’t talk about these topics without touching on the disproportionate number of Alaska Native men who are incarcerated and why that happens. Download Audio

The Anchorage Police Department has released the names of the officers involved in last week's fatal shooting. Listen now

Three telemedicine programs in Alaska are receiving $900 thousand in new funding from the US Department of Agriculture. Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the awards Thursday morning. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s administration has spelled out what it would mean if the Legislature doesn’t take action on his plan to fund state government. With no more money, in two years the state would slash services, jobs, and the support it gives to local schools and communities. Listen now

Human interactions are all shaped by implicit biases - assumptions we unconsciously make based on media, experiences and societal influences. So how do we look beyond those biases to see people as they really are and strengthen our community? How do we recognize racism and combat it?

Community members gathered to hear the names of victims of police shootings and show support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Listen now

Spray paint is often associated with illegal scrawling on underpasses and alleyways. But the Anchorage Museum is using it as a tool to connect kids to culture. Listen now

A section of the law would make it safe for sex workers to report crimes and help police without fear of prosecution. Listen now