Bridge Builders of Anchorage


An award-winning program in Anchorage is helping to create a safer, friendlier city. It's called Bridge Builders, and its goal is to build "a community of friends" among all racial and cultural groups in Anchorage.

Bridge Builders was established in 1996 when Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom invited several African American and Caucasian ministers to dinner to talk about how to prevent racial tension. What began as a discussion of black and white relations soon expanded to a conversation about our many Anchorage citizens who represent a multitude of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The group at the Mayor's home that night decided to start a new initiative. They called it Bridge Builders, and the remarkable success of this grassroots campaign was one of the reasons that the Municipality of Anchorage won "All-America City" honors in 2002.

The community of Anchorage is changing for the better and communities around the country have contacted us to discover how to start Bridge Builders in their city or town.

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