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Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

Former Fairbanks DA questioned over handling of 2011 Holmes statement

The Fairbanks District Attorney’s office did not put much credence in information undermining the convictions of four men for a 1997 murder. Download Audio
October 29, 2015

Witness claims Fairbanks 4 defendant had blood-stained shoes

A woman claims that one of the Fairbanks Four had blood stained shoes from the 1997 assault of John Hartman. In a video deposition played at an ongoing evidentiary hearing in the contested case Tuesday. Download Audio
October 28, 2015

State introduces first witnesses in Fairbanks 4 hearing

The state has begun calling witnesses in the Fairbanks Four evidentiary hearing. As the proceeding stretches into its 4th week, the focus has shifted from witnesses summoned by attorneys representing exoneration petitioners to those offered by state lawyers trying to uphold the men’s convictions for the 1997 murder of John Hartman. Download Audio
October 27, 2015

Marvin Roberts testifies at ongoing Fairbanks Four hearing

Another one of Fairbanks men seeking exoneration from murder convictions has testified to his innocence. Marvin Roberts is the last of the so called Fairbanks Four, to address the court in an ongoing hearing to re-consider the 18-year-old case in light of new evidence. Download Audio
October 26, 2015

Polygraph results debated at Fairbanks Four hearing

One of the Fairbanks Four passed a polygraph. The results of the lie detector test taken by Marvin Roberts last year were shared during day 13 of an evidentiary hearing being held to consider whether the Fairbanks Four are innocent. Download Audio
October 23, 2015

Ex-FBI agent faults Fairbanks police interrogation tactics

A former FBI agent says Fairbanks police violated fundamental investigative protocol following the 1997 murder of John Hartman. Download Audio
October 22, 2015

Fear, confusion prompted false confessions, Fairbanks 4 say

Two of the Fairbanks Four say they lied to police about some of what they did the October 1997 night John Hartman was attacked, but maintain they did so out of fear and confusion, not guilt. Download Audio
October 21, 2015

Fairbanks Police Department under fire at city council meeting

The Fairbanks Police Department came under criticism at last night’s city council meeting. During citizen’s comments, Fairbanks resident and Alaska Native Daisy Stevens questioned the department’s handling of recent and past homicide investigations. Download Audio
October 20, 2015

Expert disputes boot print evidence in Fairbanks 4 case

Boot print evidence used to link one of the Fairbanks Four to the 1997 murder of John Hartman, are disputed by a forensic expert. Download Audio
October 19, 2015
Pease testifies, says confession was coerced

Pease testifies, says confession was coerced

The first of four Fairbanks men seeking exoneration from convictions for a 1997 murder took the stand at an ongoing evidentiary hearing yesterday. Download Audio
October 16, 2015

FBX 4 witnesses recall aggressive police questioning

People who say they were with the Fairbanks Four the night of John Hartman’s 1997 murder, recount aggressive questioning by police trying to build a case against the men.
October 15, 2015

Forensic psychologist doubtful of witness testimony at FBX 4 hearing

A perception and memory expert took the stand at the Fairbanks Four hearing on Tuesday. University of Washington psychology professor Jeffrey Loftus’s work focuses on our ability to recognize others at distance and under various conditions, including darkness. Download Audio
October 14, 2015

FBX 4 investigators testify, point to languishing evidence

Two Alaska State Troopers hired in September 2013 to re-investigate the 1997 John Hartman murder case testified in state court in Fairbanks on Monday. Download Audio
October 13, 2015

FBX 4 testimony: Classmate says Wallace confessed to him

A man who claims a high school classmate told him he and group of friends killed John Hartman back in 1997, testified in state court in Fairbanks on Thursday. Download Audio
October 9, 2015

Court sees video deposition in ‘Fairbanks Four’ hearing

A video deposition of a man implicated in the 1997 John Hartman murder in Fairbanks, was played in court Wednesday. Download Audio
October 8, 2015

Holmes implicates new assailant during day 1 of FBX Four hearing

A hearing re-examining long questioned murder convictions opened in state court in Fairbanks today. A group of Native men, who’ve come to be known as the Fairbanks Four, were convicted of the October 1997 beating of 15 year old John Hartman on a downtown street, but new evidence has leveraged another look. Download Audio
October 5, 2015

Court to hear new evidence in Fairbanks Four case

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled to begin Monday in state court in Fairbanks in the case of four Fairbanks men seeking exoneration from convictions for a nearly two-decade old murder. Download Audio
October 2, 2015

Heavy snowfall cuts power to thousands around Fairbanks

School and University of Alaska Fairbanks classes are cancelled and thousands are without power this morning in the Fairbanks area due to heavy snow. Download Audio
September 30, 2015

Public asked to help find 23-year-old moose hunter

The public’s help is being sought to find a Fairbanks man who went missing off the Dalton Highway 3 weeks ago. Twenty-three-year-old Dalton Hanson disappeared while on a moose hunting trip. Download Audio
September 29, 2015

UAF hosting international Arctic conference

An international seminar on extractive industries in the Arctic is happening at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this weekend. UAF history professor and seminar organizer Terrance Cole says it’s bringing together participants from numerous circumpolar nations to discuss the increasing focus on developing the Arctic’s largely untapped resources.
September 25, 2015