Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

Alaska’s Reese Hanneman raced to first place in the skate technique sprint at the U.S. National Cross Country Ski Championships on Monday in Houghton, Michigan. Download Audio

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of a plane crash near Anaktuvuk Pass on Saturday. Download Audio

Fairbanks first marijuana business has been open for just over a month. “The Higher Calling” – or THC – is one of several so called “clubs” in the state that have arisen since voter’s passage of a marijuana legalization initiative in 2014. Download Audio

Art and science combine in a new exhibit at the University of Alaska Museum of the North in Fairbanks. The “Letters From the Sky” installation opening Thursday shows how snowflakes form.

Strong winds are blowing over the Alaska Range. National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Fisher reported gusts to 70 miles an hour along the Richardson Highway and in the 60 mile an hour range along the Parks Highway on Monday morning. Download Audio

The Chinook pattern is one characteristic of El Nino winters. National Weather Service climatologist Rick Thoman describes the warm Pacific Ocean waters of El Nino as raging across the equatorial region. Download Audio

Fairbanks city police chief has apologized for statements made last week about the legal settlement that vacated the long contested murder convictions of the Fairbanks Four, the Native men who served 18 years in jail for the 1997 beating death of John Hartman. Chief Randall Aragon also committed to further investigation of the case. Download Audio

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is being sold. The newspaper reports that a non-profit foundation created by the late wife of the paper’s founder Charles W. Snedden is purchasing the News-Miner. Download Audio

Golden Valley Electric Association is favoring oil over natural gas to fuel large generators in North Pole. The move reduces the utility's role as an anchor tenant for the state-backed Interior Energy Project. Download Audio

The Interior village of Beaver’s school will remain open, despite a below-par student count this fall. Download Audio

A liquefied natural gas tanker truck is being tested for possible future use by the Interior Energy Project. Download Audio

The settlement proposed by attorneys representing the Fairbanks Four and the state of Alaska would free George Frese, Kevin Pease and Eugene Vent. Marvin Roberts is already out on parole. Download Audio

The Interior Energy Project remains focused on getting natural gas to the region at long targeted price point. IEP team leader Bob Shefchik says proposals being considered from 2 vying project partners would provide gas to customers at a price equivalent to 2 dollar heating oil.

A fall count of Denali National Park wolves indicates a slight rebound of the predator’s depressed population in the park. The overall population remains near a 30-year low, and fewer visitors report seeing the animals. Download Audio

Tesoro’s pending acquisition of Flint Hill’s fuel distribution and marketing operations in Fairbanks, North Pole and Anchorage, will streamline the transportation of refined petroleum products from Southcentral to the Interior. Download Audio

A Fairbanks man survived burial by an avalanche in the HooDoo Mountains. The accident in the popular snowmachining area near Summit Lake off the Richardson Highway was the one of two in recent weeks. Download Audio

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is training employees how to respond to a workplace violence. Download Audio

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is requesting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency no longer consider Fairbanks and North Pole together when it comes to air quality regulation. If approved, the change could free Fairbanks from more stringent emissions regulations.

The North Pole Police Department is launching a program aimed at combating a persistent theft problem in the city. North Pole Police Chief Steve Dutra has introduced the “Anti-Theft Dot” system that helps with recovery of stolen items.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is requesting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency no longer consider Fairbanks and North Pole together when it comes to air quality regulation.