Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

There were 9 new wildfires reported in Alaska on Wednesday, including 6 on a machine gun training range on Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks. The range fires each burned well less than an acre before being put out by military personnel. Alaska Fire Service spokeswoman Beth Ipsen said the Army works with the agency to minimize wildfire risk. Download Audio
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The Copper River King salmon run is coming in weaker than anticipated. Alaska Department of Fish and Game Glennallen area management biologist Mark Somerville said run measures, including a weak commercial king harvest on the delta, and sub-par in river counts and catches all point to the same thing. Download Audio

State officials came to the aid of a bear with a can stuck on its head along the Alaska Highway. Download Audio

A suit has been filed in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency to force action to address wintertime fine particulate pollution in the Fairbanks, North Pole area. Download Audio

The State Department of Transportation is taking action to reduce rock fall on the Parks Highway through the Nenana River Canyon, near Denali National Park. DOT northern region spokeswoman Meadow Bailey said the area has long posed a safety threat. Download Audio

Results are in from a survey of University of Alaska students about sexual victimization. The University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center administered “Campus Climate” survey provides insight into occurrences of sexual assault and other misconduct. Download Audio
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The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several prospective customers for the HAARP facility. UAF took ownership of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility in Gakona from the Air Force last summer, and there’s optimism that the station, once destined for scrap, has a future. Download Audio

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is considering a state sought permit to apply an herbicide to 3 Fairbanks area water bodies infested with the invasive plant Elodea. Floridone has proven successful at battling back the aquatic weed known to choke out fresh waters. Download Audio
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The state plans to open its Tanana Valley Fisheries Center in Fairbanks on June 7. The visitor’s center will realize a long envisioned public interface at the new hatchery. Download Audio
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Former University of Alaska Fairbanks shooter and 2004 Olympic champion Matt Emmons is in top form heading toward his 4th Olympics this summer in Rio. Download Audio
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A U.S. House committee held a hearing Wednesday on legislation that would transfer federal lands in Tanana and Dillingham to tribal entities for health care facilities. HR 4289 would convey 11 acres in Tanana to the Tanana Tribal Council. Council Secretary Dorothy Jordan testified before the House Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs subcommittee in support of transfer of the former Indian Health Service hospital site. Download Audio

The U.S. House and Senate have passed appropriations bills that include numerous Alaska military construction projects. A release from Representative Don Young’s office lists projects slated for 5 sites, including over $213 million at Eielson Air Force Base related to the planned basing of F-35 fighter jets. The F-35 projects include aircraft hangars, as well as field training, munitions storage, and missile maintenance facilities. Download Audio

Another Denali wolf has been killed outside the National Park’s boundary. It’s the latest of several park based animals harvested in recent years on state land along the park’s northeastern edge. The kill occurred in an area long sought for protection by wolf advocates. Download Audio

A Tanana man has been convicted of first degree murder for killing 2 Alaska State Troopers. 22-year-old Nathanial Kangas shot Sergeant Scott Johnson and Trooper Gabe Rich on May 1st 2014 as they tried to arrest his father at the Kangas home in Tanana. Jurors spent less than 6 hours deliberating following a week of testimony, which included eye witness accounts and audio recordings of the killings. Download Audio
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Closing arguments in the trial of a Tanana man charged with killing 2 Alaska State Troopers, are scheduled for Friday in Fairbanks Superior Court. Presentation of evidence in the Nathaniel Kangas murder trial ended Wednesday. Download Audio
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Day 2 of the Nathanial Kangas murder trail included testimony from Alaska State Troopers who investigated the May 2014 shooting deaths of two of their comrades in the village of Tanana. Download Audio
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An early break up on the Copper River may accelerate salmon moving upstream. Glenallen area state sportfish biologist Mark Sommerville says little ice remains and water levels are unusually low, conditions that may lead to warmer water and trigger early fish migration. Download Audio

A Fairbanks jury has begun hearing the case of a Tanana man charged with killing 2 Alaska State Troopers in the interior village. Twenty 2 year old Nathaniel Kangas shot Trooper Gabe Rich and Sargent Scott Johnson while they were trying to arrest his father at the Kangas home May first 2014. During his opening statement on Monday District attorney Greg Olson began making the case for first degree murder convictions. Download Audio

A Healy area program that teaches teens how to build cabins has been nationally recognized.
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A new study identifies factors influencing wolf viewing opportunities in Denali National Park.