Elizabeth Harball, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage

Elizabeth Harball, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage
Elizabeth Harball comes to Alaska's Energy Desk by way of Washington, D.C., where she reported for Environment & Energy Publishing’s ClimateWire, a job that gave her the opportunity to hear about climate change from coral reef scientists, lobbyists, wildland firefighters, congressmen, coal plant operators and coastal homeowners, among many others. Originally from Kalispell, Montana, Elizabeth is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

The federal government this week announced it’s holding an oil and gas lease sale for over a million acres in Cook Inlet this June. Listen now

Now that the state's had time to investigate, Geoff Merrell with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said aging equipment probably wasn't to blame for the gas leak. Listen now

The Anchorage Petroleum Wives Club has been around longer than Alaska's been a state. Founded after the first big oil discovery in Alaska, its purpose was to welcome the wives of the oil workers flooding into the state. But a lot has changed since then, so the Anchorage Petroleum Wives Club recently decided it's time to rebrand. Listen now

The state has concluded that just three gallons of liquid escaped from one of Hilcorp’s platforms into Cook Inlet in early April. Listen now

An environmental group is praising oil and gas company Hilcorp after it announced a new pipeline project in Cook Inlet. Hilcorp said the project would eliminate the need to store oil at the Drift River Terminal. Listen now

ConocoPhillips has confirmed it’s giving up its small stake in the Point Thomson field on the North Slope. The move has some observers wondering if it’s a bad sign for the state’s effort to build a massive natural gas line. Listen now

Last week, Hilcorp was finally able to fix a fuel line in Cook Inlet that regulators say started leaking gas in December. But the oil and gas company and its allies are still struggling to contain another issue: environmental groups, which argue that Hilcorp’s problems in Cook Inlet disqualify the company from drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Listen now

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation today announced yesterday that a leaking oil and gas well on the North Slope was successfully plugged. Listen now

BP announced Monday morning that an out-of-control release from a North Slope oil and gas production well has been stopped. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker hosted an unexpected guest on Friday — the President of China. Xi Jinping was headed back from a meeting with President Donald Trump in Florida. It’s not unusual for foreign leaders to re-fuel in Anchorage, but this wasn’t just a pit stop. And experts say there are good reasons for China’s top leader to drop in. Listen now

In an annual report released on Thursday, BP’s Alaska subsidiary reported a profit of $85 million in 2016. That’s compared to a $172 million loss in Alaska in 2015. Listen now

Ten gallons or less: that’s how much crude oil state regulators think leaked from a pipeline in Cook Inlet last weekend. Listen now

State regulators on Monday announced an oil leak from an underwater pipeline owned by Hilcorp in Cook Inlet was halted successfully. Listen now

State regulators on Monday said a leak from a crude oil pipeline in Cook Inlet was halted successfully.

Many businesses in Anchorage aren't happy with the sudden increase in electric bills. Some are taking their case to state regulators, while others are trying more creative solutions to cut back on electricity costs. Listen now

Hilcorp announced Saturday (March 25) that after discussions with Alaska Governor Bill Walker, it’s shutting down two oil platforms in Cook Inlet in response to an ongoing leak from a gas line. The pipeline carries natural gas from shore to power four oil platforms in Cook Inlet. Two of the platforms have already been shut down. Listen now

The state is fining three companies a combined $882,000 for violations that led to a dangerous incident last September at a power plant in East Anchorage. Listen now

The state is fining oil and gas company Hilcorp an additional $160,000 for using nitrogen without permission while working on two wells in 2015 — the same practice that nearly killed three North Slope workers. Listen now

Amid a wave of new oil discoveries in Alaska, other companies are hoping to get lucky, too. And in pursuit of the next billion-barrel find, two companies from Texas and Australia are trying something a little different. Listen now

Italian energy company Eni this month submitted an exploration plan to drill for oil in federal waters in the Beaufort Sea. Listen now