Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau


An Alaskan has been appointed to help manage fisheries nationwide. Listen now

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is reshuffling several senior government positions, and it could affect Arctic policies in Alaska. Listen now

"We’re responsible for these lands," Central Council President Richard Peterson said. Listen now

After new federal plans were set in motion last year, old growth logging in Alaska’s national forests is on its way out. Still, the feds have to make some timber sales available in the Tongass. Listen now

Scientists travel into the Arctic every year to study polar bears. It helps them estimate the population. But this year, they had to cut that research short. Melting sea ice is making the task a lot more difficult. Listen now

When you think of carbon emissions, you probably think of the exhaust that comes from your car. But it comes from the ground, too. Listen now

The White House wanted to cut Sea Grant’s funding for the remainder of this fiscal year. If the request had been approved, several projects in Alaska would have ended as early as this summer. Listen now

Southeast Alaska is home to hundreds of glaciers and a lucrative fishing industry. As those glaciers retreat, the freshwater they send into the ocean could begin to dry up. Scientists are trying to figure out how that will impact the marine environment. Listen now

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to consider scaling back some national monuments. The plans likely won’t affect Alaska, but the president still gave a shout out to the state in his speech. Listen now

Scientists are pointing to climate change as the reason a river that used to feed into the Yukon has nearly disappeared. Listen now

The Alexander Archipelago Wolf didn’t go on the endangered species list in 2016, after it was petitioned by six conservation groups. But the feds and the state are looking at ways to stabilize the wolf population on Prince of Wales Island.

When President Donald Trump’s blueprint budget came out in March, it included eliminating funding for the Sea Grant program for next year. But Alaska’s congressional delegation doesn’t want it to go away. Listen now

Sea Grant knew the Trump administration wanted to eliminate its budget for next fiscal year. But those cuts could come much sooner. The organization said the White House is asking Congress to slash this year’s funding, too. That could mean the end for dozens of Alaska programs, focusing on fisheries and climate change. Listen now

When you think about renewable energy in Alaska, what comes to mind? Probably wind, which contributes to about 3 percent of the state’s power generation. And maybe solar panels, which are starting to gain momentum. But there’s also the potential for what lies along 6,500 miles of coastline. Listen now

A system that could power remote Alaska is being tested in an unexpected place. Typically found in Scandinavian countries, a new cleaner energy technology is now coming to Fairbanks. Listen now

The state of Alaska is receiving over $8 million in settlement money after a top car company cheated on its federal emissions tests. Listen now

In February of last year, Governor Walker signed an administrative order to help jumpstart mariculture, or sea farming, in the state. One Juneau couple is whipping up a recipe to make local kelp an enticing business and snack. They’re part of a growing number of startups that see Alaska seaweed as a marketable food. Listen now

Parts of Interior Alaska, like Fairbanks, have been seeing record cold temperatures this winter. But in Southeast Alaska, the frigid conditions have had a direct impact on the way people power their homes. Listen now

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) received a surprise on Friday: The Trump administration is proposing deep cuts to the organization, which focuses on fisheries and climate science. As reported in the Washington Post, NOAA’s could lose 26 percent of its overall budget. The Sea Grant program, with more than a dozen projects in Alaska, could be hit particularly hard. Listen now

Alaska has five national monuments — public lands that are given special protections, and Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski doesn’t want anymore of the state added to that list. Listen now