Jay Barrett, KMXT - Kodiak

Jay Barrett is the news director at KMXT in Kodiak.

A bear that lives in Kodiak appears to have insomnia. When most other bruins are curled up in their dens, tracks of one adult male have been spotted numerous times during the last week in the fresh snow.

Seventy-five percent of Alaska’s salmon packers have decided to pull out of the Marine Stewardship Council’s fisheries certification program when the current agreement expires at the end of October.

Coming up this week, some fishermen in Cordova may have lost their boats to the unnatural dump of snow there; a new factory long-liner will be built in-state, and the dilemma of bycatch.

Coming up this week, ASMI changes its slogan in Japan AND looks to South America as a potential customer; IFQs were one of the topics of the recent Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium, and a seasoned skipper writes a book of advice for greenhorns looking to break into Alaska fisheries. KSKA: Friday, 1/6 at 2:30pm

Coming up this week: Gulf fixed gear fishermen get a surprise cod opening to end the year; it looks like there'll be another herring fishery this spring in Behm Canal, and how sunlight makes spilled oil especially deadly to fish.

Coming up this week, we have a couple stories from the recent North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting, hear the governor's plan to sell more fish to Europe, and find out how young fishermen can get a jump on learning the ropes.

Coming up this week, more reaction to the IPHC's recent halibut quota announcement; commercial fishing in Cordova is being threatened by dipnetters, and Yardarm Knot's Naknek cannery has been sold. All that and just how much seafood can a sea otter eat if a sea otter could eat sea... never mind - coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report. KSKA: Friday, 12/9 @ 2:30pm

Tuesday, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released a final report on the fatal attack by wolves on a Chignik Lake teacher nearly two years ago.

Coming up this week, More cuts are looming for the commercial halibut fleet; and we meet a Homer man who was inducted into the Seafood Hall of Fame. KSKA: Friday, 12/2 @ 2:30pm

Coming up this week, there's a new top halibut port in the state, observers will be following gillnetters around Southeast next year, and we hear about the winners of the Smart Gear competition. All that, and more, coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report.

Coming up this week, the forecast for Togiak herring has been released, we get a wrap up of the red king crab season, and we hear about efforts to perfect hatchery-rearing of king crab. All that, and Mark Begich plans to meet with representatives of AquaBounty, who he has railed against over genetically engineered salmon.

Coming up this week: Looking back, Southeast had the most valuable salmon catch this summer, and we look ahead to next year's forecasts there and in Bristol Bay. Also, the halibut charter industry did not go over its quota this year. Those stories, plus, Vietnamese fishermen make Somali pirates walk the plank after retaking their boat. I'm not kidding.

Coming up this week on the Alaska Fisheries Report: The Senate passes a spending bill that includes a call for a rapid response to the salmon virus; the governor touts Alaska seafood in England, and Senator Mark Begich scares his colleagues on Halloween. Also, the drama of firefighting on the high seas.

Coming up this week, we have a follow up on the salmon virus found in British Columbia wild stock; a former fish and game commissioner wants to be Kodiak's fisheries advisor, and New Zealanders share their tricks for turning left over fish parts into useful stuff. All that at and why is Senator John Kerry so mad at Jane Lubchenko? KSKA: Friday, 10/27 @ 2:30pm

Coming up this week, a virus that has devastated fish farms around the world has been found in wild salmon stocks in Canada. We have a wrap up of the seine season in Southeast, and the fur flies over sea lions.

Coming up this week, Southeast dive fisheries have gotten underway. The City of Pelican is taking over the cannery there, and why that King Crab you're eating is named Hannibal.

Coming up this week, we're focusing on one story: the events leading up to the downfall of Senator Lisa Murkowski's fisheries aide, Arne Fuglvog.

The Naval Research Laboratory’s new military communications satellite, TacSat IV, lifted off without a hitch at sunrise on Tuesday from the Kodiak Launch Complex.

Coming up this week more money from the feds for fishery stock assessment is in the pipeline, Metlakatla's salmon fishery gets certified by the MSC, and NOAA Fisheries wants to hear your voice. All that, and studying how permits get dispersed among the fleet.

Coming up this week, the 27th annual Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium is happening right now in Anchorage; a joint fisheries consultant is being considered by Kodiak's two governments, and how to upgrade your 32-footer.