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Johanna Eurich, APRN Contributor

Johanna Eurich is a reporter at KDLG in Dillingham.

Scientists say murre die-off comparable to Exxon Valdez spill

Scientists say murre die-off comparable to Exxon Valdez spill

The number of dead common murres showing up on Alaska’s beaches is growing, and the scale of the die-off is now on par with the grounding of the 1989 Exxon Valdez in Price William Sound when 22,000 birds were collected. Download Audio
January 28, 2016
New arrivals in Kotzebue Sound preying on belugas

New arrivals in Kotzebue Sound preying on belugas

Kotzebue Sound is changing and beluga hunters are facing new competition: killer whales. Download Audio
January 27, 2016
Alaska holding out against emission-cutting policies

Alaska holding out against emission-cutting policies

The Arctic is on the front lines of climate change. Alaska is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet. A group called Alaska Common Ground hosted an all-day forum in Anchorage over the weekend to answer the question, "What are we doing about it?" Download Audio
November 16, 2015

Honey Buckets Here For The Long Haul

Governor Tony Knowles wanted to put honey buckets into a museum. 20 years later, experts meeting in Anchorage recently heard that they're not going anywhere soon. Download Audio
February 10, 2015
AK: Farming

AK: Farming

The dream of homesteading and living off the land is part of the Alaskan mystique. Few succeed. The couple who owns Chugach Farm, have made it work on only one acre in the middle of the woods in Chickaloon. Download Audio
July 4, 2014
AK: Plastics

AK: Plastics

Some say that after climate warming, plastic is the biggest environmental problem we face. And unlike climate warming, no one argues over who is responsible for the plastic in our oceans – we are. After researching and reporting on it, Johanna Eurich wanted to do her part to reduce plastic trash. The task is daunting. She started at home, in her tiny log cabin in Spenard. Download Audio
May 9, 2014

Group Uses National Water Dance To Raise Compassion

A small group of people gathered Saturday in Anchorage to use art to make change. The National Water Dance was an effort to use the art of human movement to generate compassion for the nation’s streams, lakes and oceans. Download Audio
April 15, 2014

Museum Exhibit Opens Highlighting Marine Debris Problem

Marine Debris used to be mostly nets, buoys and fishing gear but now it includes plastic bottles, bottle caps, and styrophone. It's everywhere, there's nowhere to put it and more is coming every day. Johanna Eurich reports on a new museum exhibit highlighting the problem. Listen Now
February 10, 2014

Board of Fish Discussing Cook Inlet Salmon Issues

This week the board of fish is dealing with the contentious battles over Cook Inlet salmon. In both the Kenai and the Mat-Su Boroughs many are fighting over fish that are disappearing. Download Audio
February 3, 2014

High Tech Trackers Gather Info On Cook Inlet Kings, Reds

The Alaska Board of Fish will begin deliberations on the Cook Inlet fisheries in Anchorage next week. One of the more difficult issues before the board is the declining King salmon runs and demands by sports fishing interests to shut down the commercial catch of reds to let every precious king into the Kenai River system. Download Audio
January 28, 2014

Domesticated Salmon Research Topic Of Discussion At Boston Meeting

Imagine a domesticated salmon raised on land and eating plants. Depending on your point of view, it’s a nightmare or a dream on the edge of becoming true.
February 20, 2013

Subsistence Rights Top Concerns At UN Hearings

The Women’s Symposium coincided with a visit to Alaska by a UN official who held hearings in Anchorage and Chickaloon this weekend to assess the human rights of Alaska Natives. This is the first time the UN is formally investigating the U.S. treatment of Alaska Natives. The right to subsistence resources topped the list of concerns.
April 30, 2012

Mt. Edgecumbe Students Present Bowhead Whale Findings

A Mount Edgecumbe High School science student from Kotzebue presented new findings on bowhead whales Tuesday at the Marine Science Symposium.
January 18, 2012

Head of Alaska Coast Guard Tours the Arctic

The retreating ice has increased traffic in the Arctic Ocean raising the need for the Coast Guard to look at improving its oversight and rescue capabilities in the region. Tuesday, Admiral Tom Osteobo, head of Alaska’s Coast Guard operations, headed north on a C-130 with media in tow, to take a look around.
June 2, 2011