Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin covers Alaska issues in Washington as the network's D.C. correspondent. She was born in Anchorage and is a West High grad. She has degrees from the University of Washington and the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia. She previously worked at the Homer News, the Anchorage Daily News and the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers. She also freelanced for several years from the U.K. and Japan, in print and radio. Liz has been APRN’s Washington, D.C. correspondent since October 2013. She welcomes your news tips at lruskin (at) alaskapublic (dot) org  | About Liz

The Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party voted to remove one of its members over the weekend, and several other party officers resigned, all so they can publicly support Joe Miller. He's running as a Libertarian against the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Lisa Murkowski. Republicans describe it as a friendly separation.

A shake-up this afternoon in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race: Fairbanks attorney Joe Miller announces he will challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski after all. Listen now

Congressman Don Young and his Democratic challenger, Steve Lindbeck, both say they've got strong support from organized labor. Listen Now

When it came to the federal races, Tuesday’s election held no surprises. Listen now

Today is Primary Election day. In addition to the regular polling locations, you can also vote today at the airport in six Alaska cities. Listen now

Anchorage bar owner Bernie Souphanavong submitted thousands of signatures today to run for Congress. Souphanavong is running as an independent for Alaska’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Listen now

U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Stock submitted a pile of signatures to the Division of Elections today to secure a spot on the November ballot. Listen now

The two Democrats running for U.S. Senate are the same age. They’re running low- or no-budget campaigns. Both used to be Republicans. And right there, the similarities come to a dead stop. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is running a multimillion-dollar campaign. But have you met the Republicans running against her? We tried. We found two undaunted optimists running on their shoestrings, and a third candidate who rebuffed our interview request on the grounds that he had too much to say.
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Alaska’s congressman and both U.S. senators are among the Republican lawmakers criticizing remarks Donald Trump made about the family of Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim-American Army officer killed in Iraq. Listen now

This week we caught up with Traci George at the Democratic National Convention. George lives in Eagle River and went to Philadelphia as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. Listen now

PHILADELPHIA - The new chairwoman of the Alaska Democratic Party says supporters of Bernie Sanders are re-invigorating the party. But along with the new enthusiasm, the Alaska Sanders supporters also bring deep wells of dissatisfaction. Listen now

Delegates at the Democratic National Convention today officially nominated Hillary Clinton for president,to widespread cheering. But outside the arena, thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters banged on security fences, shouting "election fraud." Alaskans attending the convention in Philadelphia say what Sanders voters do after their disappointment could turn the tide of history.

Sen. Bernie Sanders faced a ballroom full of his delegates and tried to rally them to support Hillary Clinton. A few of Sanders’ Alaska delegates later spoke with a mix of sadness and pragmatism. Listen now

This week we’re hearing from Trevor Shaw of Ketchikan. He’s an Alaska Delegate who’s been attending the Republican National Convention this week.

The Republican Convention ends tonight in Cleveland with a big speech by the party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Alaska, of course, favored Cruz in the GOP vote in March. Are Alaska delegates now lining up behind their nominee? Yes. Mostly. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan took the stage in Cleveland on the second night of the Republican convention. While Sullivan never said the name "Donald Trump," he did close with his campaign slogan. Listen now

Alaska delegates at the Republican Convention say their votes for president were miscounted last night, all for Donald Trump, due to what they say is a misinterpretation of state rules. It's a matter of principle, and the Alaskans got pretty mad. Listen now

APRN's Liz Ruskin is reporting from the Republican National Convention. She explains why Alaskans were involved in a minor ruckus on the first day and their reactions to allegations Mrs. Trump's speech was cribbed. Listen now

A ruckus erupted at the GOP convention yesterday. For many, it may have been the last gasp of an effort to nominate someone other than Donald Trump, but some Alaska delegates had another motivation.