Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin covers Alaska issues in Washington as the network's D.C. correspondent. She was born in Anchorage and is a West High grad. She has degrees from the University of Washington and the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia. She previously worked at the Homer News, the Anchorage Daily News and the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers. She also freelanced for several years from the U.K. and Japan, in print and radio. Liz has been APRN’s Washington, D.C. correspondent since October 2013. She welcomes your news tips at lruskin (at) alaskapublic (dot) org  | About Liz

President-elect Donald Trump today leaned on Congress to quickly get rid of President Obama’s signature heath care law. But Lisa Murkowski is among five Republicans in the U.S. Senate sponsoring an amendment to slow the repeal. Listen now

Wilbur Ross, the nominee for Commerce secretary, is a billionaire investor, a specialist in distressed industries. But does this New Jersey–born Floridian know anything about Alaska? Sen. Dan Sullivan says he's learned Ross was in the state on one fateful afternoon in 1964. Listen now

You could consider it a zoning decision of landscape proportions: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management completed a planning document for Alaska’s Eastern Interior. The most contentious part of the plan is the Forty Mile Mining District, which includes the towns of Eagle and Chicken. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan often warns colleagues about Russia's military threat. But at a hearing on Russia's pre-election hacking, Sullivan didn’t discuss Russia at all. Listen now

Republicans have dropped their plan to diminish the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics. But not everyone agrees the House majority should have backed down. Alaska Congressman Don Young is among those who want the ethics office reined in. Listen now

The 115th Congress began with a lot of pomp and circumstance. Here's what an Alaskan might want to know about the day. Listen now

Congressman Don Young showed no enthusiasm for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. But with President-elect Trump three weeks from his swearing-in, and a new Democratic minority leader in the Senate, Young looks at the big picture and sees the upside. Listen Now

When new members of Congress take the oath of office on Jan. 3, Sen. Dan Sullivan will give up an unsought distinction: The Alaska Republican will no longer be last in Senate seniority, No. 100 out of 100. Sullivan, counting his gains, says being on the bottom rung didn’t bother him. Listen Now

President Obama cited subsistence and the needs of Alaska Natives yesterday in explaining why he decided to block future oil and gas lease sales in Arctic waters. Some Native people welcome the resource protection. But the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation says the president didn’t consult with its members and is ignoring the real needs of the Inupiat people. Listen Now

President Obama has issued an order blocking future oil and gas development in the entire Chukchi Sea and nearly all of the Beaufort. Listen Now

At statehood, Alaska was promised more than 100 million acres of land. So far, the federal government has transferred just 65 percent of it. At the current pace, it will take another 20 years. Today, the federal Bureau of Land Management announced it’s imposing a new surveying method to speed things up. But the state is not happy about it. Listen Now

Trump chose Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke. Alaska’s congressional delegation likes a lot of what he stands for. There’s just one big exception. Listen Now

Alaska’s congressional delegation sees a chance to finally open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The environmental lobby is ready for the fight. And they’ve got some new, patriotic allies on their side: military veterans.

President Obama today issued an executive order creating the "Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area." Alaska's congressional delegation says Obama is acting with unilateral authority. But Bering Sea elders say the president has answered their request. Listen Now

It was two years in the making, but it seems Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s energy bill is now dead. Murkowski says House leaders stopped negotiating on the bill, which included Republican and Democratic priorities. Listen Now

President-elect Donald Trump has called for a much bigger military, and Congress took a step in that direction today. Listen Now

President-elect Donald Trump has selected a friend of the oil and gas industry to be EPA administrator: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Sen. Dan Sullivan says he'll curtail EPA "overreach." Environmentalists say Pruitt disagrees with the EPA mission. Listen Now

An Alaskan has officially joined President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team. The Trump team has selected former state senator Jerry Ward as its liaison to the 500-plus federally recognized tribes. Listen Now

The Donald Trump transition team hasn’t named a VA secretary yet, but news broke today that ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is vying for the job. She's the mother of an Iraq vet, and she's got Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on her side. Listen Now

Time is running out on one of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s top priorities: a far-reaching energy bill. And she says, despite the election results, the bill will only be harder to pass next year. Listen Now