Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin covers Alaska issues in Washington as the network's D.C. correspondent. She was born in Anchorage and is a West High grad. She has degrees from the University of Washington and the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia. She previously worked at the Homer News, the Anchorage Daily News and the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers. She also freelanced for several years from the U.K. and Japan, in print and radio. Liz has been APRN’s Washington, D.C. correspondent since October 2013. She welcomes your news tips at lruskin (at) alaskapublic (dot) org  | About Liz

Parents and activists who don’t want to see Betsy DeVos confirmed as U.S. Education secretary are hitting the streets and the phone lines, around the country and in Alaska. Listen now

WASHINGTON - Alaska’s U.S. senators helped President Trump fill out his cabinet this week, but in different degrees. With a new, colorful president in the White House, each of them has to decide how close to stand to the standard-bearer of their party. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced Wednesday she will vote “no” on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to be Education secretary, after intense pressure from her constituents. But Alaska’s two U.S. senators are split over DeVos. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Tuesday morning voted in the Education Committee to send President Trump's choice for education secretary to the full Senate for a vote. But Murkowski says she hasn't yet decided how she'll ultimately vote on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos. Listen now
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Wrangell fisherman and business owner Syliva Ettefagh said she, her husband and friends were returning from a vacation in Costa Rica this weekend when she got held up at Los Angeles International Airport. Ettefagh has been an American citizen since birth. She was born in Iran, to an American mom and an Iranian dad, before that country’s Islamic Revolution. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a statement on President Trump’s controversial refugee ban that avoids both endorsement and criticism. Meanwhile, Sen. Dan Sullivan supports the president's order, and Rep. Don Young's office put out a supportive statement. Listen now

It was another day of massive demonstration in Washington, D.C. today, this time for the annual March for Life. We caught up with a contingent from Eagle River, and a Catholic chaplain from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. Listen now

Planned Parenthood is praising U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski for signing onto a bill that would permanently repeal what’s known as the “global gag rule" or the "Mexico City Policy." Listen now

On Jan. 24, President Donald Trump signed memos aimed at advancing two controversial pipelines and speeding environmental reviews of other energy projects. Listen now

Hundreds of Alaskans flew across the country to participate in the massive Women’s March on Washington. Here's how one Juneau protestor coped with the pink-hatted hordes. Listen now

Hundreds of Alaskans are in Washington, D.C. today to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. For some, Trump's election was the fulfillment of their grandest wishes. Others, not so much. Listen now

U.S. senators take a variety of postures as they question cabinet nominees at confirmation hearings. Some interrogate. Some toss softballs. Many grandstand. Alaska’s two senators stuck to a few time-honored tactics as the engaged with nominees. Listen now

If you plan to watch Donald Trump get sworn in, look for Alaska Congressman Don Young on your screen. The Congressman said he’ll likely have a high-profile seat. Listen now

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Interior Department sat for a confirmation hearing today. Sen. Lisa Murkowski used the opportunity to condemn the Obama administration, which she says has treated Alaska like a park and tried to safeguard it from Alaskans. She pressed Rep. Ryan Zinke to review Obama's environmental decisions in Alaska. Listen now

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to “repeal Obamacare and replace it with something great.” Early this morning the U.S. Senate took an initial step toward repeal. As for the replacement, Alaska’s two senators describe something still in the formative stages. Listen now

Alaska’s congressional delegation cheered last year when the Missile Defense Agency awarded an $80 million contract to the Kodiak missile launch facility. But in the U.S. Senate this week, the contract was at the top of one Republican senator’s pork list. Listen now

President-elect Donald Trump today leaned on Congress to quickly get rid of President Obama’s signature heath care law. But Lisa Murkowski is among five Republicans in the U.S. Senate sponsoring an amendment to slow the repeal. Listen now

Wilbur Ross, the nominee for Commerce secretary, is a billionaire investor, a specialist in distressed industries. But does this New Jersey–born Floridian know anything about Alaska? Sen. Dan Sullivan says he's learned Ross was in the state on one fateful afternoon in 1964. Listen now

You could consider it a zoning decision of landscape proportions: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management completed a planning document for Alaska’s Eastern Interior. The most contentious part of the plan is the Forty Mile Mining District, which includes the towns of Eagle and Chicken. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan often warns colleagues about Russia's military threat. But at a hearing on Russia's pre-election hacking, Sullivan didn’t discuss Russia at all. Listen now