Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM - Nome


Confusion at the city morgue caused a back-and-forth Tuesday between the Nome Police Department and the City of Nome.

Little Diomede is a remote island off the coast of Western Alaska – a community of about 150 people that sits perched on cliffs. There is no runway for airplanes during the summer, and weather conditions can often limit transportation year-round. But thanks to a renewed helicopter service contract, island community members can have access to food and mail and even travel to receive healthcare. Download Audio

As climate change alters the landscape of the Arctic, more vessel traffic will be arriving in Arctic waters – and the need for sea ice forecasts will be vital. Download Audio

The United States Geological Survey has been conducting research on the amounts of sea ice present in the Chukchi Sea. And they've identified that the lifestyles of walruses are changing.

Savoonga celebrated a successful whale strike earlier this week, as the 2012 whale season is coming to a close. And the bowhead could be one for the record books.