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Tally Funder

From Tallyfunder founder, Ambler Stephenson:

I believe philanthropy can be meaningful, valuable, and highly affordable too. Bearing witness to the positive impacts of social networking and crowdfunding, I have joined them together to make Tallyfunder an interactive, educational, and affordable way to help Alaska’s non-profit sector.

Born in Ester, I moved around a lot growing up. My mother always made sure we volunteered in our community in order to connect and belong. I modeled Tallyfunder around her philosophy: that getting involved is the best way to develop understanding and care. Every day I look forward helping Alaskan people connect with new Alaskan organizations.


Tallyfunder.com – Social Philanthropy in Alaska


Tallyfunder.com provides a new way to support Alaskan non-profit organizations. It is the first crowdfunding site from Alaska, and began funding October 14.

Crowdfunding is very much what it sounds like, a crowd of different people coming together to fund something they care about.

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November 7, 2013