Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media
Zachariah Hughes reports on city & state politics, arts & culture, drugs, and military affairs in Anchorage and South Central Alaska. zhughes [at] alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8424 | @ZachHughesAK About Zachariah

During a meeting last night, the Anchorage Assembly certified the results of this month’s municipal elections. And it was also the last time the body's current members will all share the dais. Though the Assembly deals mostly with the dry nuts and bolts of municipal governance, the occasion was a rare glimpse of personality and sentiment.

For the second time in two days, Russian long-range bombers flew past the coast of Alaska. It's a surprising development that comes after nearly two years without any similar incidents. But military officials in Alaska say it isn't cause for alarm.

Military officials say they launched fighter jets on Monday afternoon to intercept two Russian long-range bombers flying toward Alaska. Listen now
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In a filing with the U.S. District Court, the Securities and Exchange Commission says nonpublic information was involved in highly profitable, risky stock trades made in the weeks before GCI was purchased by a Colorado company. Listen now
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In a letter sent Wednesday to city leaders, the director of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation wrote that a recently convened working group concluded that stakeholders should seriously consider merging Municipal Light and Power with the Chugach Electric Association. Listen now

Officials in Anchorage Tuesday unveiled a long-waited overhaul of the municipality's public transportation system. And planners are gearing up to spend the next six months preparing residents and visitors for major changes. Listen now

It's official: The Army has decided to keep the 4-25th brigade combat team intact at Joint Base Elmendof-Richardson in Anchorage. Listen now

The sole highway heading south out of Anchorage was closed because of what police described as a "distraught man." A manhunt is still underway for a suspect who allegedly discharged a weapon multiple times. Hours later, an avalanche knocked out power in the area, as well. Listen now

Progressive candidates and incumbents win, along with former law-maker in Eagle River and an upset in south Anchorage. Taxi proposition and ambulance bond measure fail. Listen now

When Anchorage voters head to the polls for municipal elections on Tuesday, residents in every corner of town will be choosing representatives for the Assembly. More than half of the 11 seats are up for election, which could tip the body's balance of power. There are also two school board races.

The Republic of Turkey is about as far as you can go from Alaska on the other side of the globe. The country of nearly 80 million people straddles the edges of Europe and Asia, with a Mediterranean climate, and a rich history as the seat of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Again, not a lot of parallels with Alaska. But both places have food and dance at the center of their cultural traditions. Listen now
The Anchorage Assembly chambers at the Z. J. Loussac Public Library in Anchorage.

The Municipality of Anchorage is partnering with a private foundation to fund a new position that'll be in charge of overseeing housing issues. Listen now

For nearly a week, racers continue arriving ahead of the banquet that officially concludes each year's Iditarod. For some, that means days of free time. And plenty of fun, strange events to fill it. Listen now

In this episode, we talk about the 2017 Iditarod, what happens after the mushers reach Nome, and the person behind the @IditaTrump Twitter account.

The Blood Bank of Alaska said it has been cleared of any alleged wrong-doing and financial impropriety by an audit that wrapped up earlier this month. But a critic disputes that conclusion. Listen now

The huskies running today’s Iditarod bear little resemblance to the bulky sled-dogs Alaskans used to rely on year-round. As breeding programs have refined genetic lines to create dogs designed to excel at the thousand-mile winter-time race, the cost of specialization has been a lack of versatility. Listen now

The top ten teams have arrived in Nome, filling out the upper ranks of the 2017 Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Listen now

In Episode 15, we talk about Mitch Seavey's record-breaking run, Aliy Zirkle vying for a top-10 finish, and taking a refreshing sauna in Unalakleet.

Mushers who have been competing in the Iditarod a long time have relationships and traditions they re-visit each time they run the race. And for Martin Buser, when he gets to Unalakleet, that means a bag of muktuk. Listen now

In Episode 14, we talk about Mitch Seavey being the first musher out of White Mountain, we get a lesson in Iditarod tradition and histoy, and discuss mushers' strategies for resting their dogs.