Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media
Zachariah Hughes reports on city & state politics, arts & culture, drugs, and military affairs in Anchorage and South Central Alaska. zhughes [at] alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8424 | @ZachHughesAK About Zachariah

With competitive candidates up and down the ticket in Alaska running as independents, is the trend ideological or just a new political calculus? Listen Now

Mushers are expressing frustration over two controversial rule changes to the Iditarod made during a board meeting today.

With the first batch of commercial cannabis officially certified, business in Valdez is on track to become the state's first legal retailer. Listen Now

As election day approaches, we're checking in with voters around the state -- asking what matters most to them and who they're supporting. Tonight, we hear from 19-year-old Darrian Traw, a college student in Anchorage who literally wears her politics. Listen Now

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter released a statement Wednesday halting the Pentagon's collection of bonuses wrongfully paid to national guard members. Listen Now

The GOP alleges Miller is misusing campaign dollars to inflate his real level of support. Listen Now

The Alaska Federation of Natives opened it's 50th annual convention with a healing ceremony this morning in Fairbanks. Listen Now

Tonight we hear from Julie Tisdale of Anchorage. Tisdale is 47, an accountant and a lifelong Alaskan -- and she's an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump. She sat down with Alaska Public Media's Zachariah Hughes to talk about faith, politics, and The Apprentice.Listen Now

For the first time, the Alaska Federation of Natives has endorsed a candidate for president — Hillary Clinton. Listen Now

For rural communities there's still no way to bring pot products to market. But will breaking federal laws even matter?

A new paper published by the Centers for Disease Control looks at what was driving the surge in emergency medical cases and what's been done to curb use of synthetic cannabinoids in Anchorage. Listen Now

The increases are connected with capital costs for a new generating plant, according to administration officials.

On top of fun and games, the event fits into the zoo's broader strategy for connecting Alaskans with wildlife.

The Anchorage Assembly gave unanimous approval a retail cannabis business, the first time a one has met both state and local requirements in Alaska’s largest city. Listen Now

The Anchorage Museum brings some of the world's top artists together for a provocative commentary on indigenous identity and contemporary art.
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South Anchorage assembly member is pushing to nearly double the number of cabs over the next five years before removing a fixed cap all together. Listen Now

Officials are preparing for a $35 million budget gap caused by a drop in state support and growing expenses for the city's work force. Listen Now

Citing concerns from constituents over national promises not met, downtown representative Patrick Flynn made a brief symbolic statement during a routine assembly meeting. Listen Now

The Iditarod Trail Committee announced Monday that former champion Lance Mackey has withdrawn from the race, citing health reasons. Listen Now

A standoff between a SWAT team and 69 year old veteran Robert Musser ended with Musser's death early Friday morning after 42 hours.