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300 Villages

300 Villages: Pelican

This week, we’re heading to Pelican, in Southeast Alaska on Chichagof Island. Patricia Phillips is Mayor of Pelican. Download Audio
May 9, 2014

300 Villages: Wrangell

Carol Rushmore works for the city and Borough of Wrangell. Download Audio
May 2, 2014

300 Villages: St. Michael

This week, we’re heading to St. Michael, a primarily Yup’ik community of almost 450 people near Nome in Western Alaska. Bobbi Ann Andrews is the mayor of St. Michael. Download Audio
April 25, 2014

300 Villages: Akiachak

This week, we’re heading to Akiachak, in Southwest Alaska. The village is the first in the state to formally decide to dissolve its local government in favor of traditional tribal representation. Jonathan Lomack is the executive director for Akiachak Native Community Tribal Government. Download Audio
April 18, 2014

300 Villages: Kasaan

This week, we’re heading to Kasaan, located in Southeast Alaska on Prince of Wales island. The coastal Native village is home to the oldest Haida building in the world. Frederick Otilius Olsen Junior is from Kasaan. Download Audio
April 11, 2014

300 Villages: Moose Creek

This week, we’re heading to Moose Creek, a village of about 600 people in central Alaska. Jeff Jacobson is the chief of staff for the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Download Audio
April 4, 2014

300 Villages: Shishmaref

This week, we’re heading to Shishmaref, on a barrier island in Western Alaska. The island is gradually sinking into the sea. Its 600 residents might be some of the first people in the world forced to relocate because of rising sea levels caused by global warming. Tony Weyiouanna Senior is President of the Shishmaref Native Corporation. Download Audio
March 28, 2014

300 Villages: Tenakee Springs

This week, we’re heading to the southeastern village of Tenakee Springs, a snowbird community, stretched along the beach of Tenakee Inlet. Don Pegues is mayor of Tenakee Springs. Download Audio
March 21, 2014

300 Villages: Hoonah

This week we're heading to Hoonah, a small community on Chichagof Island in Southeast. Chris Erikson runs a guiding business in Hoonah. Download Audio
March 14, 2014

300 Villages: Tok

This week, we’re heading to Tok, where the community is coming together to rebuild a home for a family that lost everything in a recent fire. John Rusyniak is President of the Tok Chamber of Commerce. Download Audio
March 7, 2014

300 Villages: Takotna

This week we’re headed to Takotna, a village of around 50 people located on the Iditarod trail west of McGrath. Nell Huffman is the secretary of the Takotna community Association. Download Audio
February 28, 2014

300 Villages: Tazlina

This week we’re headed to Tazlina, a small community off the Glennallen Highway near Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. Sheila Hay owns The Aurora Borealis Bed and Breakfast in Tazlina. Download Audio
February 21, 2014

AK: Little Tutka Bay

This week we’re heading to Little Tutka Bay, a small community across the Kachemak Bay from Homer. Rick Harness owns a tourism business called Seaside Adventure; Rick is also a scuba diver. Download Audio
February 14, 2014

300 Villages: Lake Minchumina

This week we’re heading to the tiny community of Lake Minchumina in Interior Alaska. Charles Draper maintains the local runway and he volunteers at the village’s library. Download Audio
January 31, 2014

300 Villages: Hollis

This week we’re heading to Hollis, a small community on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Bill Sharpes is the fire chief in Hollis on Prince of Wales Island. Download Audio
January 24, 2014

300 Villages: Hooper Bay

This week we’re headed to Western Alaska to the village of Hooper Bay near the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta. Fred Joseph Jr. is the tribal administrator there. Download Audio
January 17, 2014

300 Villages: Chickaloon

This week, we’re heading to Chickaloon, a small community located along the Glenn Highway, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Patricia Wade is a member of the Chickaloon tribe. Download Audio
January 10, 2014

300 Villages: Tununak

This week, we’re heading to the community of Tununak, on Nelson Island. James James is the tribal administrator for the Native Villages of Tununak. Download Audio
January 3, 2014

300 Villages: Port Heiden

This week, we're heading to Port Heiden, a community of about 100 people on the Alaska Peninsula. Scott Anderson is mayor of Port Heiden. Download Audio
December 27, 2013

300 Villages: Chevak

This week, we're heading to the community of Chevak in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. James Tall lives in Chevak. Download Audio
December 20, 2013