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Sen. Lisa Murkowski wouldn't say how she'll vote on the health care reform bill Senate leaders released Thursday, but it does things she has said she's against, like shrinking Medicaid expansion and defunding Planned Parenthood. Listen now
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Court documents detail the case against a Wasilla man accused of a double murder along the Denali Highway. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker has signed legislation which requires the state to provide health insurance for the dependents of state law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. Listen now

You could argue — and a lot of people do — that Alaska would be a completely different place if it weren’t for a man named Tom Marshall.

The business publication Kiplinger is reporting that Juneau tops the list of small cities with the highest concentration of households with the proverbial big bucks. Juneau has 1,109 millionaire households out of a total of 12,986.

That bear had been shot once already during an effort Sunday to recover the 16-year-old's body. Listen now

Lawmakers have proposed drawing money from the Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to pay for state government for the first time. But as the Legislature focuses on preventing a government shutdown, it’s increasingly likely the draw won’t be based on any one plan. And that’s raising concerns with lawmakers, the fund’s leader and a bond-rating firm. Listen now

State eyes Alaska Permanent Fund earnings draw without plan; Hilcorp picks up more acreage in Cook Inlet for oil and gas development; Borough Assembly approves funding for Port Mac repairs; Man dies in Army Corps industrial accident in Alaska; Fairbanks looks to recruit seasoned officers with $20,000 bonus; Bristol bay reacts to influx of fishermen population; Advocates opposed to mining in Bristol Bay region ramp up summer outreach; Assembly member wants to turn fallow land into an urban farm; A ‘funnybug’ holds a serious clue to Ice Age ecology Listen now

Late last month a retired scientist from Oregon stepped off the ferry in Sitka, and on a hunch decided to look around the woods for an old friend. And while his discovery sheds light on one of the more obscure corners of entomology, it also is a clue to how humans may have survived the Ice Age in North America. Listen now

On Tuesday, the Mat-Su Borough Assembly approved the transfer of over half-a-million dollars from existing funds to pay for repairs to the Port Mackenzie barge dock, although some expressed reservations about the port’s continuing costs. Listen now

As Bristol Bay’s population swells with seasonal workers, organizations opposed to mining in the area are redoubling their outreach efforts. Listen now

Hilcorp snapped up more than 100,000 acres in Cook Inlet for additional oil and gas development at federal and state lease sales held Wednesday. Listen now
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The 15-acre property in question is the former site of the Alaska Native Hospital, which one Assembly member wants to see turned into an urban agriculture center. Listen now

Advocacy group Alaska Trails has sent a letter to let Governor Bill Walker know that transportation funds are at risk. Last September, Alaska returned $2.6 million to the US Department of Transportation. Listen now

In Southeast Alaska, populations of some marine mammals, like humpback whales and Stellar sea lions, are on the rise. Some subgroups of these species have recently been removed from the Endangered Species list, leaving many commercial fisherman wondering what this means for them.

Fairbanks is offering a $20,000 bonus to attract seasoned police officers to the city after the money was approved unanimously by the city council on June 19. Fairbanks Police Department is short nine officers, and it’s estimated to take four years to fill the posts with rookie recruits, who must go through police academy training. Listen now

Foresters began replanting the scorched areas of Chiniak on Friday.

Belleque Family Farms began selling "shares of the harvest" last week, a weekly subscription to their hydroponic greens.

Wrangell’s municipal employees’ union has authorized a strike. But one of its leaders said members don’t really want to.

Supreme Court of Alaska hears arguments over legality of Walker's PFD veto; Alaskan appointed to help manage national fisheries; Fairbanks Police say Monday morning shooter was prepared for armed confrontation; Pogo mine field work halted after black bear attack kills worker; Searchers seek Wasilla man missing from capsized canoe; Unionized borough workers want more contract talkers; Sitka considers code changes in landslide zones; Smithsonian representatives wrap up information meetings for Native veterans memorial; Confusion over legalities is hurting Alaskan ivory market, locals say; Ask a Climatologist: Summer solstice Listen now