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Police in Anchorage say they've determined that a single person was responsible for a wave of killings over the summer. Listen now

Alaska’s mariculture industry is in its infancy, compared to other regions of the world, but it has the potential to be much larger — maybe worth as much as $1 billion within three decades. Listen now

The skies above the Interior and Southcentral Alaska will get a lot busier starting next week, when Northern Edge 2017 gets under way. It’ll be the biggest military-training exercise to be held this year in Alaska. Listen now

In less than a week, the first cruise ship of the season will dock in Skagway, bringing thousands of visitors to the busy Northern Lynn Canal port. But if lawmakers in Washington haven’t agreed on a spending plan by then, a government shutdown would close one popular visitor attraction – Skagway’s national park. Listen now

LeConte Glacier near Petersburg has been the focus of a lot of research lately. It’s the southern-most tide water glacier in the northern hemisphere and scientists have been studying it to give them a better idea of glacial retreat and sea level rise around the world. But to get close to the glacier, which is constantly calving, a team of scientists is relying on unmanned, remote controlled kayaks. Listen now

The prospect of having a state income tax in Alaska for the first time in 37 years drew passionate responses both in favor and opposed during public testimony on Tuesday. Listen now

The novelty of seeing a jumbo squid in Unalaska is not wearing off: a second one washed ashore Monday night. Listen now

Winter is more or less over in most of Alaska. And if you like that kind of thing — winter, that is — it was pretty decent in much of the state. But climatologist Brian Brettschneider, with our Ask a Climatologist segment said don’t get used to it. He said that “normal” winter was a sweet spot of cold in a much larger bubble of warm. Listen now

Senate majority not pleased with prospect of income tax as public testimony begins; Former Goose Creek prison corrections officer sentenced in drug conspiracy; ACLU files lawsuit against city of Homer over proposed recalls; Senator Dan Sullivan attends Homer meet-and-greet; Bill requiring nonresident caribou hunters to have guides meets opposition; Fire marshal: Youths confess to Twin Lakes playground fire; Mat-Su Borough budget shrinking as population grows; Fairbanks City Council ponders Polaris building; How should close-flying Russian planes be addressed?; Coast Guard rescues three seal hunters off coast of Hooper Bay; Calista region looks to Kuskokwim Bay villages for energy innovation Listen now

Senators gave the proposed income tax a cool reception earlier today. Listen now

House bill 211 sponsored by Kiana Democrat Dean Westlake met opposition in a house session early Monday afternoon. Listen now

The two teenagers arrested for setting the Twin Lakes playground on fire Monday have confessed, and Juneau’s fire marshal has completed his investigation. Listen now

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s budget proposal is out and it’s smaller than last year. Listen now

The fate of the Polaris building drew public testimony at a Fairbanks City Council last night, as an ordinance to keep the long vacant downtown high rise under city control was considered. Many who addressed the council spoke against plans to demolish the neglected former hotel. Listen now

Last week, Russian military planes flew near Alaska's coast on four separate occasions. American military intercepted two of the flights and Canadian fighters joined their U.S. counterparts during the fourth intercept. All were legal, in international airspace and American military leaders have downplayed concern. Listen now

39-year-old Joseph Lake texted his brother-in-law Friday evening, saying that he, his cousin and nephew were anchored in the Bering Sea. Lake had just ran out of gas, had five-percent battery on his phone, and had just barely drifted into cell phone range. Listen now

A former Department of Corrections officer convicted of smuggling drugs into Goose Creek Correctional Center was sentenced Tuesday to eight months in federal prison. Listen now

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska filed a suit against the City of Homer. The suit targets the proposed recall of three Homer City Council Members. Listen now

Senator Dan Sullivan visited Homer for a meet-and-greet Friday (April 21) afternoon. It was one of the few opportunities the general public of Southcentral Alaska had to confront the senator during the two-week Congressional recess that just ended. Listen now

The smoke was thick but through the gaps, it didn’t look like much was left of the popular playground located in a park north of downtown Juneau.