Alaska's Energy Desk

Alaska's Energy Desk is a team of six reporters covering energy and environment in Alaska. We produce in-depth enterprise reporting for radio, video and web. The team is a collaboration between Alaska Public Media in Anchorage, KTOO in Juneau and KUCB in Unalaska and supported with a grant from CPB.

Several national labs and universities will partner with the Alaska community of Cordova to field test new technologies on the city’s power grid. Listen now

For the third year in a row, seabirds are washing up dead along the coastline in Alaska. Hundreds of birds have been discovered along a stretch of the Bering Sea, on the Pribilof Islands and as far north as Deering.Listen now

Yes, Shell's multi-billion dollar effort to find oil in federal Arctic waters is a thing of the past. And yes, the Obama administration then took several steps to cut back on drilling in Arctic waters -- actions the Trump administration is now working to undo. But there is movement to get oil out of federally-owned parts of the Arctic Ocean. Listen now

Alaska’s Oil and Gas division is releasing valuable oil exploration data from leases on the North Slope and Cook Inlet. Listen now

Most renewable energy projects in rural Alaska have been funded with state and federal grants. But as state money dries up, an Anchorage start-up wants to bring private investors to the table. Listen now

The teens hand delivered a petition to the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, asking for reduced carbon emissions and a strategy moving forward. Listen now

Fairbanks gets the first freeze of the season about a week ahead of normal. Listen now

Alaska's capital budget this year includes $7.3 million to plan the construction of an Arctic road system. Listen now

William S. Cooper left directions from over 100 years ago. But rediscovering the lost research plots in Glacier Bay required an epic adventure. Listen now

Even though reindeer have lived on St. Paul for about 100 years, the tribe hasn’t done much more than distribute hunting permits. That’s slowly beginning to change -- because the community needs another consistent source of meat. Download audio

If you took all that water that has just fallen on Harris County and you put it right over the urban part of Anchorage it would be about 60 or 70 feet deep. It's an extraordinary amount of water that's fallen. Listen now

Hurricane Harvey has caused nearly 100 oil and gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to temporarily shut down, but that drop in production doesn't necessarily translate to a higher demand for Alaska's oil. Listen now

Most places in Alaska are wetter than normal for August, but it's been especially rainy in Ketchikan. Listen now

The state's tax division aims to have its interpretation of the newest oil and gas tax credit bill out by January. Listen now

On Monday, a new advisory committee on the proposed Pebble Mine met in-person for the first time. It happened while simultaneously a protest against the project was staged in downtown Anchorage. Listen now

An oil and gas company is suing the state over $5.3 million in unpaid cash credits. Miller Energy Resources wants anything that happened before it went bankrupt in 2015 to be off-limits to state tax auditors, according to the lawsuit and the company’s bankruptcy filings. Listen now

There was an uptick in paralytic shellfish poisoning this summer. But scientists think the future of oyster farming in Alaska still looks bright. Listen now

The federal government is moving forward with its review of Hilcorp’s proposal to drill offshore for oil in the Arctic. Listen now

A series of promising oil discoveries and a recent move by the Trump administration mean the vast, remote National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is about to get a lot more controversial. Listen now

Several hundred Pacific walrus are hauled out on a barrier island near the village of Point Lay, on the Chukchi Sea coast. It's the earliest such haul out since the walrus first started showing up in 2007 -- and may be linked to this year's rapidly retreating Arctic sea ice. Listen now