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President Trump’s budget calls for ending funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA has been a frequent target of Republicans, but U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski supports the endowment, and Tuesday she won an award for it. Listen now

In the last Legislature, a Democrat-sponsored bill aimed at increasing voter turnout in Alaska, especially in the Bush. It didn’t get a single hearing in the Republican-led House of Representatives. Now, Rep. Chris Tuck, an Anchorage Democrat, is in a powerful position leading the new House majority, and has reintroduced the legislation and the bill is making some progress. Listen now

Alaska’s top health official said the federal health care bill scheduled for a vote on Thursday would devastate the Medicaid program in the state. The bill’s effect on Alaska has prompted U.S. Rep. Don Young to say today he won’t vote for it in its current form. Listen now

The House voted to cut the money to pay for lawmakers’ daily expenses during the legislative session by three-quarters. Listen now

The Alaska House voted to shut down debate on the state budget. Listen now

President Trump’s first budget shows zeroes for several programs important to Alaska. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says there's a lot for an Alaskan to be upset about in this document, but she says Congress isn't going to adopt it. Listen now

The state Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would draw money from the Alaska Permanent Fund to pay for the state government’s budget. The bill also would limit Permanent Fund dividends, as well as overall amount the state can spend. Listen now

The state Senate is looking to make up to $300 million in cuts to the state budget. But the Senate subcommittees looking to trim state agencies’ budgets are finding much smaller cuts. Listen now

The bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is on shaky ground in Congress, drawing criticism from left, right and center in the U.S. House. Guests on “Talk of Alaska” Tuesday said the bill would do more harm than good. “One of the criticisms of the original Affordable Care act is that it addressed coverage but it didn't address cost," said one. "But this bill really is not addressing the cost side either. It's just rolling back some of the coverage.” Listen now

The state House passed a bill Monday that would provide health insurance to the families of police officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty. Listen now

Rep. Don Young is no fan of President Trump’s plan to build a border wall. But if you like it, Young says he knows a way you could pay for it. Listen now

The Republican House caucus is pushing to cut the state government budget. But they no longer hold the majority. Instead of shrinking, the House version of the budget has actually grown. Listen now

A Republican bill to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act is advancing in the U.S. House. Its effects across the country are uneven. Here are three things an Alaskan should know about the proposed American Health Care Act. Listen now

Two House Republicans want to cut funding for the state’s gas line corporation. During a House Finance committee meeting, Rep. Tammie Wilson proposed cutting more than $10 million from the state’s operating budget, earmarked for the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation. Listen now

On Tuesday, the House Finance Committee changed course on a proposal to cut school bond debt reimbursements. The proposal would have left municipalities from Fairbanks to Wrangell with significant funding deficits. Listen now

Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan brought their case for developing Alaska’s resources to the Oval Office. Murkowski said they met with President Trump Wednesday for nearly an hour. Listen now

Both of Alaska’s U.S. senators wrote the White House budget director Wednesday asking him to spare the Coast Guard from the budget ax. Listen now

The House Finance Committee voted to fully fund school debt reimbursement, and voted against cutting the Base Student Allocation.

Two U.S. House committees are about to take up a Republican replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Lisa Murkowski could turn out to be a swing vote, willing to break with her party to keep Medicaid expansion and funding for Planned Parenthood. What does she make of the House bill? She's not saying. Listen now