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Defenders of the Obama health care law are applying as much pressure as they can to get Sen. Murkowski to vote no on the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. All eyes were on her at the Capitol Tuesday. Listen now

The U.S. Senate passed an annual Defense bill Monday night that includes icebreakers and more missile interceptors, which Sen. Dan Sullivan championed. The bill does nothing to block President Trump’s effort to ban transgender people from the military, a ban Sullivan opposes. Listen now

If the state budget didn’t lower Alaska Permanent Fund dividends this year, they would have been among the highest in state history, at more than $2,300. Instead, they will be $1,100, deposited or mailed on Oct. 5. Listen now

The Interior Department is trying to let industry into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to conduct seismic exploration on the coastal plain. Is that legal? Listen now

A rise in crime in Alaska has led Gov. Bill Walker to seek a bill in the special session next month that would allow more jail time for some thefts and other crimes. Listen now

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced $7 million in grants to 14 Alaska tribal organizations, much of it for housing. One grantee aims to redevelop a commercial building on Spenard Road. Listen now

The EPA is reportedly funneling all grant money through a single political appointee in the nation's capital. Grants to Alaska were allegedly blocked for two weeks, starting the day Sen. Murkowski voted against a health care bill. Listen now

Judged against his past statements, what Young said about a freshman Democrat was nothing spectacular. But then Young did something unusual: He made nice. Listen now

The governor said he's not likely to ask the legislature for more money for the project once current funding dries up. Listen now

Former DNR commissioner Joe Balash has been nominated for assistant Interior secretary, overseeing the BLM and other offices. Balash says his perspective on resource extraction formed early, and was shaped by his love of salmon. Listen now

Experts say support for reinsurance from bipartisan group of governors draws from Alaska’s experience. Listen now

This was the kind of health care hearing Sen. Murkowski has been calling for: Public and bipartisan. But time is short, even to fix flaws in the Affordable Care Act, let alone replace it. Listen now

Alaska Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth joined a legal brief in a U.S. Supreme Court case Tuesday, arguing that redistricting shouldn’t favor one political party. Listen now

This week, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources rejected part of the company’s plan to expand its Pt. Thomson field.

The state of Alaska is going to stand by President Donald Trump’s side in court to defend an order aiming to reopen large parts of the Arctic Ocean to oil drilling.

The IG's office issued a letter saying Alaska's U.S. senators declined to discuss the matter with investigators and further investigation would be pointless.

The Alaska Democratic Party voted last year to change its rules to allow independents to run for its nomination for office. But state officials blocked the move. Now both sides are in court over the issue. Listen now

On Friday, The Alaska Supreme Court upheld Gov. Bill Walker’s veto that halved Permanent Fund dividends last year. Listen now

Southeast Alaska lawmakers spent time during the legislative session working to protect regional interests, including the ferry system. The lack of agreement over a long-term plan to balance the state’s budget means there’s more work for them to do. Listen now

President Trump signed an order to speed up environmental reviews of infrastructure projects. His announcement of it, in the lobby of Trump Tower, was eclipsed by what he said next, about Charlottesville. But, back to that order: Can it really change things? Listen now