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Alaskan Joe Balash has been selected to be the assistant secretary for lands and mineral management. Listen now

The U.S. House has passed a bill that would allow a road between King Cove and Cold Bay. If it becomes law, it could end a decades-long quest of Alaska's congressional delegation: An escape route for a town near the start of the Aleutian Chain. Listen now

On Wednesday, State Senator David Wilson filed a letter of intent to run for lieutenant governor. Later the same day, he amended that filing, saying he is not running. Listen now

Murkowski wants open hearings on health care, with Democrats. Sullivan says Republicans should keep working as they have because they are nearing a solution that's "very positive for Alaska and the country." Listen now

A second Mat-Su Valley Republican senator has filed for statewide office on Wednesday. Listen now

Lawmakers have passed fewer bills in 2017 than any year in the state’s history, but it seemed that Senate Bill 25 stood one of the best chances of passing. Listen now

A budget blueprint in the U.S. House is reviving hopes for Alaskans who want to see the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge open to oil drilling. Listen now

GOP leaders want to repeal the Affordable Care Act now and replace it later. Sen. Murkowski says "Trust us" plan would just add to market chaos. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker said he won’t call lawmakers back to Juneau to work on a plan to balance future state budgets, unless he knows they’re making progress. Listen now

State government would no longer provide tax credits that can be traded for cash to oil and gas companies under a bill the Legislature passed Saturday. Listen now

State lawmakers say they’re close to an agreement on a bill to end tax credits for oil and gas companies that can be traded for cash. Listen now

A new health care bill in the U.S. Senate has a special Alaska carve-out, worth more than $100 million a year, to attract Alaska's senators. But one critic says it's less than it appears. Listen now

Sen. Murkowski says the IHS is already failing Native communities in the Lower 48, and she wasn't the only outraged senator demanding answers at from the head of the agency. Listen now

The first substantial day of legislative meetings in 20 days occurred Wednesday, but the two majorities in the Legislature were far apart — and not just politically. Listen now

The U.S. Health & Human Services Department has agreed to send federal money to the State of Alaska for reinsurance, which lowers costs for people who buy their own health insurance. Some see it as a model to prevent market "death spirals." Listen now

The EPA has announced its intention to reverse course on an action that would have thwarted the proposed Pebble mine in the Bristol Bay watershed. Listen now

After five months of back and forth, the legislature may be close to compromising on changes to the state’s oil and gas tax credit system. Listen now

Senator Lisa Murkowski was one of just four of the Senate's 52 Republicans to make a public appearance over the fourth of July. She spoke with constituents about healthcare. Listen now

The Legislature’s special session hasn’t ended, two weeks since most state lawmakers left Juneau after passing the operating budget. Listen now

When the Alaska Legislature passed the state budget June 22, it also voted for the first time to cut money for Permanent Fund dividends. By doing this, it followed in the steps of Gov. Bill Walker, who cut PFDs in half last year to maintain state savings. The PFD cut will affect those in some Alaska communities more than others. Listen now