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After four credit downgrades in eight months, Alaska received some good news Monday: S&P Global will not lower the state’s credit rating — at least for now. Listen now

National political podcast host Jody Avirgan and his wife recently visited Juneau, marking Alaska as the 50th state to which he's traveled. Listen now
Rep. Benjamin Nageak, D-Bethel, during debate on the creation of Indigenous Peoples Day, April 1, 2016. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)

The result of Tuesday's Democratic primary for House District 40 remains in doubt. And now, there are also concerns over how voters in the Northwest Arctic village of Shungnak were able to cast ballots in both the Republican primary and in the primary for Democrats and others. Listen now

In the fallout from the state's primary elections, seven legislative incumbents have lost their seats. How this will change the course of the next session has yet to be seen. Representative Lynn Gattis lost her bid for a Senate seat to a relatively unknown from Wasilla. Listen now

Alaskans ejected as many as five incumbents from the House in the primary yesterday. And they also rejected two House members who tried to move up to the Senate. But not many people showed up to vote. It was the lowest turnout for a primary in state history. Listen now

A hotly contested race in the North Slope and Northwest Arctic Borough has two bush Democrats within five votes of each other. Listen now

Tuesday’s primary election didn’t eliminate any Southeast candidates for state House or Senate.

When it came to the federal races, Tuesday’s election held no surprises. Listen now

With the vast majority of precincts statewide now counted, a clear picture emerged in Tuesday’s election returns — and the short version is, a lot of incumbents will be unseated.

Natasha Von Imhof won the three-way race for the Republican nominee for Senate District L Tuesday with 48 percent of the vote. Von Imhof,...

Check for latest updates on the 2016 Alaska Primary Elections.

Today is Primary Election day. In addition to the regular polling locations, you can also vote today at the airport in six Alaska cities. Listen now

Anchorage bar owner Bernie Souphanavong submitted thousands of signatures today to run for Congress. Souphanavong is running as an independent for Alaska’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Listen now

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly thought it put controversy about invocations to rest. But there seems to be no end in sight to debate about starting meetings with a prayer.

U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Stock submitted a pile of signatures to the Division of Elections today to secure a spot on the November ballot. Listen now

Representative Lora Reinbold is planning to reimburse the state for the nearly $1,000 dollars she received in per-diem payments while she was on a four-day vacation. Reinbold's Republican primary opponent Crystal Kennedy raised concerns about the expenses. Listen now

The two Democrats running for U.S. Senate are the same age. They’re running low- or no-budget campaigns. Both used to be Republicans. And right there, the similarities come to a dead stop. Listen now

House 9 race pits incumbent against Republican Party favorite. Listen now

Anchorage Democratic Senator Bill Wielechowski wants the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation to defy Gov. Bill Walker’s veto roughly halving this year’s dividends. Listen now
Dean Westlake is challenging Barrow Rep. Bennie Nageak in the Democratic primary; in 2014, Westlake lost the race by 131 votes. Photo: Rachel Waldholz/Alaska’s Energy Desk

Democrats are hoping to take control of the state House this year. To achieve that, they're gunning for two lawmakers who run as Democrats but largely vote with the Republicans. One is Rep. Bennie Nageak, D-Barrow, who represents House District 40, which stretches from Kotzebue to Kaktovik.