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Time is running out on one of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s top priorities: a far-reaching energy bill. And she says, despite the election results, the bill will only be harder to pass next year. Listen Now

Just before heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Alaska Division of Elections made its final count Wednesday of outstanding ballots from the November 8th General Election. Listen Now

Could President-elect Donald Trump and the incoming Republican-led Congress change logging plans in Southeast Alaska? Changes to the Tongass forest plan amendment, a contentious Forest Service regulation, are possible. Listen Now

Dillingham Democrat Bryce Edgmon will be the first speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives from off the road system or outside of Southeast Alaska since Nome’s Howard Lyng in the Territorial Legislature of 1941. Listen Now

After more than two decades of Republican control, the Alaska House is now led by a bipartisan caucus. Democrats make up the majority of the 22-member caucus, along with two independents and three Republicans. Listen Now

Both houses of the legislature will have new leaders in January. Incoming Senate President Pete Kelly and House Speaker Bryce Edgmon both said they have positive feelings toward the other. But they lead very different caucuses that will likely have different priorities in the coming legislative session. Listen Now

The U.S. Interior Department has announced its new five-year plan for oil and gas leasing in federal waters, and it does not include any new lease sales in the Arctic. The plan calls for one sale for northern Cook Inlet, in 2021.

Gov. Bill Walker’s veto of half of Permanent Fund dividend money will stand for now. A judge found Thursday that Walker had the authority to cut the money. Listen Now 

Gov. Bill Walker named a new chief of staff Wednesday, bringing in Anchorage lawyer Scott Kendall to replace Jim Whitaker, effective Dec. 2. Listen Now 

As a candidate, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to dump Obama-era policies and unleash the energy industry to produce more oil, gas and coal. It would seem like good times for natural resource extraction in Alaska. Trump's EPA may do a U-turn to help the Pebble mine, but some of President Obama's Alaska policies will be harder to dismantle. Listen Now

After years in the legislative minority, all Southeast representatives are in positions of power. Listen Now

A precinct by precinct look at how Alaskan voters chose the president.

The new House majority will be taking a different approach to legislation next year. That became clear today, as the majority named the committee chairpersons who will guide the agenda. Listen Now

Rapturous Trump supporters said they'd expected this outcome all along, while surprised Republican officials ticked off a wish list of priorities that suddenly seemed within reach.

While many parts of the country -- and the world -- were stunned by Donald Trump's upset win Tuesday night, there was one place in Alaska where people claimed they saw it coming all along.

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. The Republican candidate defeated his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in both Alaska and in the overall election.

Alaska's congressional candidates won re-election handily. Sen. Murkowski says with Republicans in control of Congress and the White House, the odds have improved for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling,

Alaska Public Media's coverage of the 2016 General Election.

Photos of various voters and voting from around the state.

If your habit on election night was to roll down to the Egan Center and watch the returns projected onto the wall, forget about it. The Alaska Division of Elections has discontinued Election Central, due to budget constraints. But you don’t have to weep or cheer at home alone. In Anchorage, at least, people have options. Listen Now