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Governor Bill Walker vetoed two bills this week that would have allowed legislators to serve on the board overseeing gas pipeline development, and insurers to use credit scores to adjust rates. Listen now
Sen. Anna MacKinnon participates in a discussion during a Senate Resources Committee meeting, Feb. 5, 2014. (Photo by Skip Gray/Gavel Alaska)

Alaska’s Legislature has adjourned, but that doesn’t mean lawmakers’ work is done for the year. They’re considering bringing a small group of legislators together to work on agreements on major unresolved issues, which could set the foundation for another special session or the next regular session. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker has appointed Hollis French to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission or AOGCC. French, a Democrat from Anchorage, served in the Alaska Senate for 12 years. Now he'll oversee regulation of the state's oil and gas industry. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan took the stage in Cleveland on the second night of the Republican convention. While Sullivan never said the name "Donald Trump," he did close with his campaign slogan. Listen now

Alaska delegates at the Republican Convention say their votes for president were miscounted last night, all for Donald Trump, due to what they say is a misinterpretation of state rules. It's a matter of principle, and the Alaskans got pretty mad. Listen now

APRN's Liz Ruskin is reporting from the Republican National Convention. She explains why Alaskans were involved in a minor ruckus on the first day and their reactions to allegations Mrs. Trump's speech was cribbed. Listen now

A ruckus erupted at the GOP convention yesterday. For many, it may have been the last gasp of an effort to nominate someone other than Donald Trump, but some Alaska delegates had another motivation.

Party conventions aren’t all about funny hats and nominating presidents. Alaska delegates to the GOP National Convention are using the gathering as an opportunity to spread their Alaska-specific agenda to a national audience. Listen now
Sen. Berta Gardner addresses the Alaska Senate on April 7, 2014 . (Photo by Skip Gray/Gavel Alaska)

Three days after the state House’s adjournment, the Senate has also gaveled out, ending the the latest special session in Juneau. In closing remarks, senators differed over how successful the body was in addressing the state’s legislative challenges this year. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan will speak at the GOP national convention Tuesday evening, his spokesman says. As for nominating a presidential candidate, the state party chairman says the Alaska delegates are coming around to supporting Donald Trump.

The House ended its special session Friday, having taken no actions during the five days. Listen now

A fifth of Alaska legislators running for re-election this year face no opposition. That begs the question: Why, in such a politically active state, does anyone run unopposed. Listen now

Three telemedicine programs in Alaska are receiving $900 thousand in new funding from the US Department of Agriculture. Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the awards Thursday morning. Listen now

Two former commissioners and several lawmakers are criticizing Gov. Bill Walker’s decision to veto more than $430 million from the state’s budget. The money would have gone to pay tax credits to oil companies. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s administration has spelled out what it would mean if the Legislature doesn’t take action on his plan to fund state government. With no more money, in two years the state would slash services, jobs, and the support it gives to local schools and communities. Listen now

The House of Representatives on Tuesday was working on the spending bill that funds the Interior Department. I t typically has a lot of relevance for Alaska, so we've called our Washington correspondent Liz Ruskin to tell us about it. Listen now

The fate of the $1 thousand dollar Permanent Fund Dividend cut could be decided on Friday. Listen now

Walker's vetoes on the operating budget have carved at $17 million dollar hole in the Anchorage's revenues, with the bulk of that drop hitting the school district. Listen now

A U.S. House hearing turned testy when Alaska Congressman Don Young pressed the Coast Guard to consider employing a ship owned by Edison Chouest as an icebreaker. The owners and employees of the company have been big campaign donors to Young, but a spokesman says the Congressman was just offering that ship as an example. Listen now

Whether the Legislature will take action in the special session remains uncertain today. The House is divided over whether or not to try to overturn Governor Bill Walker’s vetoes of Permanent Fund Dividend money or other budget items. And it’s not clear whether there’s enough votes to pass any of the bills Walker called them into the session to consider. Listen now