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Yesterday, Kotzebue residents filed into the NorthWest Arctic Borough building to cast their vote during the municipal election. On the ballot was a local option vote to close the city-run liquor store as well as openings for Assembly and School Board seats.
Gov. Bill Walker at a press conference Feb. 19, 2015. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)

Governor Bill Walker Monday requested an expedited review of a lawsuit challenging his veto of half the money for this year's Permanent Fund Dividends. Listen Now

Caelus Energy says it’s made a major oil discovery on the North Slope, at Smith Bay. The company estimates the oil under its current state leases at 6 billion barrels and says the development could boost pipeline output by 40 percent. Listen Now
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The city of St. George, home to 100 people, has asked the federal government to create a marine sanctuary around their island in the Bering Sea. Listen Now

Congress last week agreed to spend more than half a billion dollars on military construction projects in Alaska. Most of the projects are aimed at preparing Eielson Air Force Base for the arrival of 2 F-35 squadrons. Listen Now

Governor Bill Walker’s administration wants to borrow money to pay for public workers’ pensions, by selling up to 3.3 billion dollars in what are known as pension obligation bonds. The plan is drawing concern from lawmakers, who say it may be risky. Listen Now

As the months tick down on hisadministration, President Obama has created marine monuments in the Northeast and the South Pacific. Alaska interest groups are working to get his attention, too. Some want him to take bold action in the 49th State before he leaves office, and others are urging him to resist the call. Listen Now

Congress, for the first time, overrode one of President Obama’s vetoes. The bill – which now becomes law - allows 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia based on allegations it provided support to the terrorist attackers. The veto override was bipartisan, but Rep. Don Young sided with Obama on this one. Listen Now

Cabinet members and high-ranking science advisors from 25 governments will convene on the White House tomorrow to discuss rapid changes in the Arctic. “The Arctic is ... a preview of what is coming our way in the rest of the world," says Mark Brzezinski, the top White House liaison to the region. Listen Now

The Alaska Division of Elections is planning on contacting unregistered, but potentially eligible, voters in Alaska to encourage more registration before the October 9 deadline.

Two politically charged tweets were posted from the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services Twitter account during the presidential debate on Monday.

President Barack Obama addressed his final White House Tribal Nations Conference today. He says progress for first nations will continue, regardless of who wins the White House next. Listen Now

For more than 40 years, Alaska has tried, and failed, to bring natural gas from the North Slope to market. In this 5-part series, Alaska's Energy Desk explores why the state has struck out - and what it plans to try next.

A lawsuit challenging an upcoming Matanuska-Susitna Borough ballot initiative could stall a vote on banning commercial marijuana in the Valley. Attorneys for the Borough...

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. has rejected a proposal from Gov. Bill Walker’s administration to invest in state oil tax credits.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski this morning brought some of her most controversial Alaska bills to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which she chairs. The contentious bills stand almost no chance of passing in this Congress. But some, she hopes, will pack a punch anyway.

Former U.S. Senator Mark Begich says he will not mount a write-in campaign in the race for Senator Lisa Murkowski's seat.

As the state of Alaska takes the lead in the effort to build a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope, it finds itself taking responsibility for what would be one of the largest, most complex projects in the world. The man in charge is Keith Meyer, the new president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

Alaskans shopping for individual health insurance on the federal exchange will only be able to choose from one insurer when open enrollment starts on November 1st.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says the Navy is again snubbing the concerns of Alaskans as it prepares for the next Northern Edge training exercise in the Gulf of Alaska.