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State health leaders say a federal repeal of the Affordable Care Act could make it difficult to implement reforms to Medicaid. That could cost the state the tens of millions of dollars that lawmakers are counting on. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced Wednesday she will vote “no” on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to be Education secretary, after intense pressure from her constituents. But Alaska’s two U.S. senators are split over DeVos. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker criticized President Donald Trump’s order that halted immigration from seven heavily Muslim countries, indefinitely banned Syrian refugees and temporarily banned all other refugees. Listen now

Legislators are considering changes to a seven-month-old law that overhauled the criminal justice system. The commission that helped shape the law has recommended 14 changes to it. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Tuesday morning voted in the Education Committee to send President Trump's choice for education secretary to the full Senate for a vote. But Murkowski says she hasn't yet decided how she'll ultimately vote on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos. Listen now

Elected officials and commentators defend the measure as a campaign promise on national security. But not without some reservations. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a statement on President Trump’s controversial refugee ban that avoids both endorsement and criticism. Meanwhile, Sen. Dan Sullivan supports the president's order, and Rep. Don Young's office put out a supportive statement. Listen now

About 200 people gathered in downtown Anchorage on Sunday night to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, which bans certain people from entering the country. Listen now

When Alaska legislators or their immediate family members financially benefit from bills, the lawmakers declare they have a conflict of interest. Listen now

Business and community leaders have told state officials they’d like to see new sources of money to finance economic development. Listen now

Planned Parenthood is praising U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski for signing onto a bill that would permanently repeal what’s known as the “global gag rule" or the "Mexico City Policy." Listen now

Alaskans can have firearms even when family or law enforcement officers believe they are a threat to themselves or others. But a new bill would allow judges to issue protective orders making them temporarily surrender their guns. Listen now

When business owners seek to advertise that they want to hire military veterans, they face an obstacle. People who aren’t veterans can sue them for discrimination. Listen now

Hundreds of Alaskans flew across the country to participate in the massive Women’s March on Washington. Here's how one Juneau protestor coped with the pink-hatted hordes. Listen now

On Jan. 21, Alaskans held local Women's Marches across the state from Adak to Barrow to Homer to Ketchikan. An estimated 10,000 people participated statewide -- far more than expected. For most, attending the march was an opportunity to stand up for women's rights, indigenous rights, environmental protection and other social issues, but it was only the first step. Listen now

More than 3,000 people waded through the snow-filled streets to join the Women’s March on Anchorage Saturday morning.

Hundreds of Alaskans are in Washington, D.C. today to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. For some, Trump's election was the fulfillment of their grandest wishes. Others, not so much. Listen now

U.S. senators take a variety of postures as they question cabinet nominees at confirmation hearings. Some interrogate. Some toss softballs. Many grandstand. Alaska’s two senators stuck to a few time-honored tactics as the engaged with nominees. Listen now

If you plan to watch Donald Trump get sworn in, look for Alaska Congressman Don Young on your screen. The Congressman said he’ll likely have a high-profile seat. Listen now

In his annual State of the State Address on Wednesday, Gov. Bill Walker pushed a lot of the same ideas and proposals for solving the state’s budget crisis as last year. Listen now