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The House ended its special session Friday, having taken no actions during the five days. Listen now

A fifth of Alaska legislators running for re-election this year face no opposition. That begs the question: Why, in such a politically active state, does anyone run unopposed. Listen now

Three telemedicine programs in Alaska are receiving $900 thousand in new funding from the US Department of Agriculture. Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the awards Thursday morning. Listen now

Two former commissioners and several lawmakers are criticizing Gov. Bill Walker’s decision to veto more than $430 million from the state’s budget. The money would have gone to pay tax credits to oil companies. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s administration has spelled out what it would mean if the Legislature doesn’t take action on his plan to fund state government. With no more money, in two years the state would slash services, jobs, and the support it gives to local schools and communities. Listen now

The House of Representatives on Tuesday was working on the spending bill that funds the Interior Department. I t typically has a lot of relevance for Alaska, so we've called our Washington correspondent Liz Ruskin to tell us about it. Listen now

The fate of the $1 thousand dollar Permanent Fund Dividend cut could be decided on Friday. Listen now

Walker's vetoes on the operating budget have carved at $17 million dollar hole in the Anchorage's revenues, with the bulk of that drop hitting the school district. Listen now

A U.S. House hearing turned testy when Alaska Congressman Don Young pressed the Coast Guard to consider employing a ship owned by Edison Chouest as an icebreaker. The owners and employees of the company have been big campaign donors to Young, but a spokesman says the Congressman was just offering that ship as an example. Listen now

Whether the Legislature will take action in the special session remains uncertain today. The House is divided over whether or not to try to overturn Governor Bill Walker’s vetoes of Permanent Fund Dividend money or other budget items. And it’s not clear whether there’s enough votes to pass any of the bills Walker called them into the session to consider. Listen now

The landlord for the embattled Legislative Information Office in downtown Anchorage is taking the first step in what could be a lengthy process toward a lawsuit.

Legislators returned to Juneau today for the fifth special session since last summer. And lawmakers were greeted by a group of 20 protesters who want them to close the state’s budget shortfall. Listen now
Governor Bill Walker announced vetoes totaling $1.29 billion at a press conference in Anchorage on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. (Screenshot via web stream courtesy Gov. Walker's office)

Alaskans are already starting to feel the effects of state budget cuts, from shorter court hours to last minute local budget negotiations. Listen now

Alaska’s delegation to Congress writes bills every year to transfer or sell federal land to local governments and Native corporations. In late May, Sen. Lisa Murkowski sponsored one public land bill for Native corporations that’s particularly far-reaching -- apparently more expansive than the senator intended. Listen now

A section of the law would make it safe for sex workers to report crimes and help police without fear of prosecution. Listen now

Tribes across the country would have new opportunities to reclaim lost artifacts under a new Senate bill. The Safeguard Tribal Objects of Patrimony , or STOP Act, would prevent the export of cultural and religious items. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker faces a potential campaign to recall him from office. Joe Miller backs the effort. He was the runner-up in the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign and 2014 Senate Republican primary. Listen now
U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. (Photo by Josh Edge/APRN)

Is Donald Trump considering Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan for vice president? A piece by People magazine speculating the senator may be on the list of potential VP picks was ricocheting around social media yesterday. So, what does the senator say? Listen now

An Alaska legislative official says the Alaska House majority spokesman facing assault charges is no longer employed by the state. Listen now

Tribes in Alaska can move forward with petitioning the federal government to take lands into trust. A federal appeals court today dismissed the state of Alaska's challenge in the trust litigation. Download Audio