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Members of the House majority have introduced legislation to enshrine Permanent Fund dividends into the Alaska Constitution. Dividends would be at least $1,250 each year. Listen now

Alaska House members are demanding Rep. David Eastman apologize for saying some women are glad to become pregnant so they can receive Medicaid-funded travel to have abortions. So far, he’s declined. Listen now

There are two weeks remaining until the legislative session is scheduled to end, but there are few signs of progress on reaching compromises on the budget and a long-term plan to pay for it. Listen now

A bill to replace the Affordable Care Act squeaked through the U.S. House today, with help from Alaska Rep. Don Young. He denounced a prior version as bad for Alaska. Now he says he's won assurances there'll be more for the state. Listen now

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski on Thursday touted the Senate's passing of a spending bill, avoiding a possible government shutdown. Listen now

Alaska Congressman Don Young isn’t staking out any position on the latest proposals by his Republican colleagues to replace the Affordable Care Act. His office says Young has no new comments. Listen now

State Rep. David Eastman said some Alaskans are glad to become pregnant, so that they can have a Medicaid-funded trip to Anchorage or Seattle to have an abortion. Eastman didn’t provide evidence for this, but said he had been told this by friends and acquaintances. Listen now

As expected, environmental groups have filed a lawsuit over an order President Trump signed last week to reverse a ban on Arctic offshore oil and gas leasing. Listen now

Ranking members of both the Senate and the House seem to agree that the state needs to break free of a system that will leave it owing nearly $700 million in cash payments to oil companies by the end of the year. But Senate Republicans have completely rewritten the House’s version of a reform bill. Listen now

Representatives of two regional Alaska Native tribal organizations offered support for an income or another progressive tax Tuesday. Listen now
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A bill to fund the federal government through September is on the move in Congress, and it includes a long-sought land trade in Southeast Alaska. Listen now

The extra money from a state income tax would help Alaska’s state government withstand low oil prices or poor investment returns, according to a computer model developed by nonpartisan budget experts. Listen now

When President Trump signed an order last week lifting his predecessor’s restrictions on offshore leasing in the Arctic, he also revoked a decree that created the “Bering Sea Climate Resistance Area.” People who worked to get the designation aren't happy. Listen now

A California-sized chunk of the Arctic will remain designated as critical polar bear habitat. That’s the effect of a U.S. Supreme Court order Monday declining to hear an appeal from the state of Alaska, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and an oil industry trade group. Listen now

Yesterday, Governor Walker signed Senate Bill 46 into law, establishing October 25 as "African American Soldiers’ Contribution to Building the Alaska Highway Day.” Listen now

The state’s budget problem is shrinking, but it may not be enough to resolve differences between the Senate and House. Listen now

The president has signed an order lifting a ban Obama imposed on drilling off Alaska’s Arctic shores. Environmental groups say the ban is permanent. Expect a lawsuit. Listen now

On Thursday night, the Mat-Su Borough Assembly held it’s third and final public hearing on its annual budget at a special meeting in Willow. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker tried and failed to get lawmakers to vote on his nominees Thursday. Listen now

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to consider scaling back some national monuments. The plans likely won’t affect Alaska, but the president still gave a shout out to the state in his speech. Listen now