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There were no committee meetings and only technical floor sessions in the Capitol on Wednesday, the seventh day of the Alaska Legislature’s 30-day special session. Listen now

The Office of Special Prosecutions now has the case in which a state senator is accused of slapping an Alaska Dispatch News reporter in the state Capitol. Listen now

President Trump is proposing to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. He's also proposing cuts that will fall hard, particularly on rural Alaska. Listen now

The House passed a bill Monday intended to reduce the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription opioids. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan held a town hall meeting in Anchorage Saturday. The event drew hundreds of left-leaning constituents and they were not quiet. Listen now

Talk on the first day of the legislative special session focused on whether the House and Senate can compromise on a plan to balance the state’s budget in the future. Listen now

Tribes that want to place land in federal trust are still waiting to see how the Trump administration will treat their applications. The nominee for deputy Interior secretary suggests history won't be any guide. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker called the Alaska Legislature into a special session starting Thursday.

Alaska Congress Don Young says it's fine with him that the Justice Department appointed a special counsel to investigate Russia's role in the 2016 election. "This is all media hype," Young said. Listen now

The Alaska Legislature approved 101 of Governor Bill Walker’s appointments yesterday – and voted down one. The only rejection was of Fairbanks resident Drew Phoenix. Listen now

Both of Alaska's U.S. senators say they're concerned by reports that President Trump shared classified intelligence with top Russian officials in the Oval Office. Sen. Sullivan said it would help if the president stops the morning Tweets and focuses on the goals that got him elected. Listen now

Republican Senator Dan Sullivan spoke on Talk of Alaska Tuesday morning about a broad range of topics, from national news stories in the headlines to regional issues facing the state. Listen now

With the end of session looming, Alaska’s Senate passed its version of an oil tax credit reform bill on Monday. Listen now

Senator Dan Sullivan said he’s looking forward to being briefed on the firing of FBI Chief James Comey this week. Sullivan said the Assistant Attorney General will talk with the entire Senate. Sullivan’s remarks were made at his first Town Hall meeting in interior Alaska Friday. Listen now

The Alaska Legislature is scheduled to end its session Wednesday, under a deadline set by the Alaska Constitution. But that doesn’t mean its work is over. Listen now

The Senate voted against a state income tax Friday. Listen now

The EPA has announced a new process that could let the Pebble Partnership develop a controversial mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, if its permits are granted. Listen now

The Senate plans to vote Friday on a House proposal to bring an income tax to Alaska. Senate majority leaders oppose the tax, and it will likely go down in defeat. But this isn’t the first time Alaska has debated this tax — and it may not be the last. Listen now

Representative David Eastman became the first member of the Alaska House to be censured on Wednesday. Listen now

Murkowski sees "serious cause for concern" in timing of President Trump's dismissal of the FBI director. Sullivan sees "questions" there, and in the conduct of the Obama White House. Listen now