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If U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is unseated in the next election, the victor would get her Senate seat, but not her chairmanship of the Energy Committee. So what does that matter to you? Listen Now

Absentee and early in-person voting is now open in Alaska for the Nov. 8 general election. There are two locations open in Anchorage. Listen Now

When voters head to the polls on Nov. 8, they’ll decide who’s going to represent them in the state House and Senate. That will trigger the backroom talks that determine who will form the majority caucuses – and the legislature’s future direction. Listen Now

A newly-awarded U.S. Department of Labor grant aims to bolster Alaska's health care and aviation industries. The grant will increase the use of apprenticeships, which the state hopes will increase the chances of companies hiring locally. Listen Now

The Anchorage race between Republican Cathy Giessel and Independent Vince Beltrami could help determine the balance of power in the state Senate — and how Alaska takes on its fiscal crisis. Listen Now

A legislative aide used his connections to try to affect a state law in a way that could benefit his son, who state prosecutors said sexually abused a 12-year-old girl when he was 18

Tonight we hear from Bill Briggs of Saint Paul. Briggs is 60. He's lived in Saint Paul for ten years, and manages the island's seafood processing plant. And he is definitely not on the Trump train. Listen Now

The Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska has endorsed Sen. Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate.

Tonight we hear from Julie Tisdale of Anchorage. Tisdale is 47, an accountant and a lifelong Alaskan -- and she's an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump. She sat down with Alaska Public Media's Zachariah Hughes to talk about faith, politics, and The Apprentice.Listen Now

For the first time, the Alaska Federation of Natives has endorsed a candidate for president — Hillary Clinton. Listen Now

Alaska has not voted for a Democrat since LBJ in 1964. But pundits say even red states like Alaska are in play now. Pollster Celinda Lake says Hillary Clinton has made gains with Alaska men. Listen Now

Neither Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump or Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will have a full-page spread in Alaska's official elections pamphlet. Listen Now

Moscow is antagonizing the U.S. on multiple fronts - in Europe, in Syria and in cyberspace. But security experts say in the Arctic, Russia is still playing nice. Listen Now
Members of the Alaska Supreme Court today reversed the lower court’s decision and reinstated Dean Westlake as the winner of the Democratic primary in House District 40. (Photo by Rachel Waldholz/Alaska’s Energy Desk)

The Alaska Supreme Court has reinstated Dean Westlake as the winner of the Democratic primary in House District 40, which covers the North Slope and Northwest Arctic. Listen Now

The Alaska Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit over the Democratic primary in House District 40, which stretches from Kotzebue to Kaktovik.

Democratic and independent candidates critical of the majorities in the State Capitol have raised more in campaign donations than Republicans since the primary. Democratic leaders say the campaign reports filed Monday show that donors are rejecting how the Legislature approached the state budget this year. Listen Now

Indian law is often complicated and obscure. But one bit of Indian law just got a lot more concrete for the Southeast community of Craig: the concept of land into trust. The Craig Tribal Association is the first Alaska tribe to apply to put property in trust with the federal government. The property in question: A building and parking lot in central Craig. Listen Now

Both of Alaska’s U.S. senators said over the weekend they won’t support Republican Donald Trump for president, not after seeing him brag on a 2005 videotape that being a star meant he was free to grab women by the private parts. The state House majority leader also announced Sunday she’s no longer supporting Trump. But as of today, the Republican party in Alaska was officially sticking with Trump. Listen Now

Standard & Poor’s announced Friday it expects to lower Alaska’s credit ratings if the state government sells bonds to pay for public-worker pensions. Listen Now

With the state’s fiscal woes looming over the next legislative session, there is a lot of talk about how to fill its multi-billion-dollar budget gap. Among the many suggestions are taxes, and communities are weighing several options.