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Senators gave the proposed income tax a cool reception earlier today. Listen now

The Legislature appears to be stuck. The House and Senate haven’t named members to the conference committees that would meet to resolve the two chambers’ differences. Until that happens, the fate of the state’s budget remains uncertain. Listen now

In other states, Republican Congress members are dogged by anti-Trump protestors. But Alaska Congressman Don Young found a friendly crowd Wednesday in Eagle River. It was his only public event scheduled in the Anchorage area this recess.

Gov. Bill Walker wants to bring lawmakers together to resolve differences over a plan to balance the state government’s long-term budget. Listen now

Alaskans alarmed by the Trump White House are pressuring the state’s congressional delegation for a town hall meeting in Anchorage this week. They've organized one, but none of the three lawmakers has agreed to come. Listen now

The Legislature has gone past the deadline set under state law to finish the annual session – and there are few signs that they’ll be finishing their work soon. Instead of making announcements on major bills, the two chambers passed smaller legislation. Listen now

The House passed a bill Saturday that would bring a state income tax to Alaska for the first time in 37 years. The vote sends it to the Senate, where leaders oppose the tax. Listen now

Alaska’s Legislature is on pace to pass fewer bills than in any other session in the state’s history. And it’s not clear whether lawmakers will be able to agree on a plan to fix the state’s budget for the future. Listen now

The Senate voted Wednesday to delay a joint session on whether to confirm Gov. Bill Walker’s appointments. When the hearing does happen, one of Walker’s appointments to the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights potentially faces a close vote. Listen now

Congressman Don Young and 42 colleagues are asking that Congress block the Justice Department from pursuing federal drug cases against people who are complying with their state’s medical marijuana laws. Listen now

When Senator Mike Dunleavy left the Senate majority last week, he knew it meant he would lose some of his official positions of power. Listen now

When President Donald Trump’s blueprint budget came out in March, it included eliminating funding for the Sea Grant program for next year. But Alaska’s congressional delegation doesn’t want it to go away. Listen now

The House Finance Committee is taking a new approach and will combine its proposals to institute an income tax and raise oil and gas taxes with a proposal to draw money from Permanent Fund earnings to pay for the state government. Listen now

After hours of debate on the state House floor, an oil tax credit bill is on its way to the Senate. Listen now
The Petersburg Borough with its final boundaries. (File photo)

Legislation to increase the Petersburg Borough’s land grant from the state passed the Alaska Senate on Monday (April 10). The bill would transfer more than 14,000 acres to the new borough, which hopes to develop or sell off some of the property. Listen now

President Trump’s decision to launch missiles on Syria Thursday night drew a range of reactions on Capitol Hill. But Alaska’s all-Republican delegation to Congress gave it three thumbs up. Listen now

President Trump may soon issue an executive order intended to lift restrictions on oil development in Arctic waters. That's according to a Bloomberg news story. Listen now

Yesterday new legislation was passed that named Oct 25th as African American Soldiers’ Contribution to Building the Alaska Highway Day. All 19 senators who were present and 39 of the 40 House members voted for the bill. Listen now

Alaska is a big beneficiary of the Essential Air Service program, but Alaska’s congressional delegation isn’t the only one urging that the federal subsidy continue. Listen now

Rep. Don Young is known to berate Democrats and environmentalists who oppose his efforts to get a road for King Cove. Young accuses them of being indifferent to the lives of his constituents, the Alaska Natives who reside in a remote, isolated community. But at a hearing Wednesday, the witness who spoke against the road was also an Alaska Native from a remote, isolated community. And this wasn’t just about the road. Listen now