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A man who rammed police vehicles with his truck, was shot dead by Fairbanks police officers in Fairbanks. The man, who’s name has not been released, had outstanding felony arrest warrants -- according to Alaska State Troopers. Listen now

For years, locals have needed a permit to hike the Termination Point trail, but now they can explore that property without a fee. Listen now
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Two Interior residents are missing after a boating accident on the Yukon River. Alaska State Troopers report that a search is underway for 56-year-old Clifford Adams and 38-year-old Ai Adams, both residents of the Yukon Flats village of Beaver. Listen now

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a new chancellor. Thursday, University of Alaska President Jim Johnson announced that Daniel White would lead the University. Listen now
“Chinook salmon, Yukon Delta NWR.” Photo: Craig Springer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Via Flickr Creative Commons.

Beginning June 12, management of king salmon on the lower and middle Kuskokwim River will switch from state to federal control. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will hand over management to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Listen now

When a fire breaks out, it’s not always obvious how it started. Not only could the entire structure be wiped out, but items that started the fire could be partially destroyed or altered beyond recognition. That’s the job of the fire investigator: interview witnesses and find clues at the scene that would help them determine how the fire started. Listen now

The cost to taxpayers of going past the 90-day legislative session set by state law is roughly $1 million – and rising. Listen now

This week we're hearing from Erik Boltman from Anchorage. Boltman moved to Alaska after serving in the Air Force and participated in the Valdez Fly-in. Listen now

Many things divide the Alaska Senate and the House about the future of the state’s budget. One thing that can unite them is the numbers they use to determine how big of a hole in the budget they have to fill. Listen now

Rep. Don Young wants to know why Americans are still fighting in Afghanistan. He has co-sponsored a bill that would end funding for the war in a year, unless the president and Congress affirm the need for it. Listen now

Southeast Alaska spring troll fishery shut down for lack of king salmon; Young joins Afghanistan war skeptics in Congress; Hatchet-wielding man shot by Anchorage police Thursday morning; NTSB investigating helicopter crash on Herbert Glacier; What goes into Juneau's legislative budget numbers?; 220 Anchorage teachers receive layoff notices; Police say boats at PAF yard in Dillingham broken into again this winter; Many GCI customers will see internet bills go up; Delta-area dairy owners decide to stay in business, but worker shortage persists; Low pressure front near Denali Park brings snow Listen now
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The Denali Park area is seeing a return to winter. A front associated with an area of low pressure over northwest Alaska is pushing across the Interior and dropping snow at higher elevations. Listen now

Dillingham Police are investigating reports of boats broken into at the PAF yard. Police were notified of some of the break-ins last January, but other skippers returning to town to fish are finding problems, too. Listen now

Many customers of Alaska telecommunications company GCI will see the cost of their internet service increase next month. Listen now

Anchorage police say an officer shot and critically wounded a hatchet-wielding man early Thursday morning during an investigation of car break-ins on the city's south side. Listen now
Troll caught winter king salmon (Photo courtesy of Matt Lichtenstein)

The spring season for commercial salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska is shutting down Monday, May 29 except for a few areas near hatchery salmon release sites. The spring season began in May and was to run through the end of June. However, poor returns of king salmon are prompting the closure. Listen now

The Northern Lights Dairy in Delta Junction will stay open – at least, for now. The owners say they’ve reconsidered a decision earlier this month to close. The dairy’s future hinges on finding people to work hard for low pay, a nationwide agricultural problem, experts say is even more challenging in Alaska. Listen now

Two-hundred-twenty teachers in the Anchorage School District on Wednesday received layoff notices. The pink slips were issued as legislators contend with a $2.5 billion budget deficit, leaving education funding levels for the coming year uncertain. Listen now

There were no committee meetings and only technical floor sessions in the Capitol on Wednesday, the seventh day of the Alaska Legislature’s 30-day special session. Listen now

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating how and why a Juneau-bound helicopter ferrying tourists crashed during a glacier excursion. Listen now