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Bill Hess

Bill Hess lives in Barrow on the northern edge of Alaska. He was semi-adopted by an Inupiaq family – something he came to fully appreciate after he buried his blood mother in Minnesota to the hymn of “How Great Thou Art.” He picks up the… Read More

December 24, 2009

Ted Sutton

Ted Sutton, a Tlinget man from Southeast Alaska, was conceived during a drunken party in Sitka, Alaska. Authorities took him away from his parents when they were too sunken into alcohol to take care of him. For StoryCorps Alaska he talked about building a life… Read More

December 24, 2009

Dorcas Rock

Dorcas Rock is a traditional healer in Barrow, Alaska. She spoke with her cousin Doreen Simmonds for StoryCorps Alaska. Dorcas has unusual gifts. Not only can she heal – but she has visions.

She told Doreen about the first vision she had – when she… Read More

December 24, 2009

Catherine Reamey and Sarena McArthur

Catherine Reamey and Sarena McArthur met as young girls in Dillingham, Alaska. They talked about their friendship for StoryCorps Alaska.

Johanna Eurich

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December 24, 2009

Luke Koonook

Luke Koonook is 80 years old and he has been whaling since he was a young man. He talks to Doreen Simmonds for StoryCorps Alaska about how things have changed since he first went out on the ice to get a whale.

Johanna Eurich

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December 24, 2009

Russell Nelson

Russell Nelson grew up in Dillingham, Alaska where everyone can, goes fishing. He and his neighbor, Fred Torrisi, stopped at a StoryCorps Alaska booth to talk about flying a plane and spotting schools of herring as they swam into Bristol Bay.

Johanna Eurich

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December 24, 2009

Walter Kanulie

Walter Kanulie is a Yupik Eskimo living in Togiak, Alaska where hunting and fishing is a way of life and traditional knowledge is something concrete and important for survival.

He and Tom Tilden talked about life in Bristol Bay. He says it’s not easy.

Johanna… Read More

December 24, 2009

Mike Jeffery

Mike Jeffery came to Barrow more than 20 years ago and stayed to become the judge presiding on the edge of the Arctic Ocean – a place where night dominates winter and the spring light brings together whales and whalers.

Johanna Eurich

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December 24, 2009