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Balancing municipal budgets during COVID-19 | Alaska Insight

COVID-19 has put a strain on small Alaska communities who rely on seasonal income to stay afloat. What can and should the state do to keep municipal governments strong?

Say cheese! The ins and outs of good dental health

Do you visit your dentist every 6 months? Your oral health not only impacts your quality of life and your smile, it also has a major impact on your overall health.

How are Alaska malls and small businesses affected by COVID-19 shutdowns? | Alaska Insight

As Alaska moves through phases of reopening its economy, retail stores in...

Northwest Arctic Borough village resident tests positive for COVID-19 in Anchorage

The borough didn't know whether the patient had spent time in their home village before traveling to Anchorage, where they tested positive.

Special hunt opens for two musk ox stranded on island off of Nunivak coast

Biologists fear the animals will starve on the small island that lacks fresh water and enough vegetation

Nome hospital shuts down after employee tests positive for COVID-19

The positive case was discovered during routine testing.

After armed resident thwarts shooting, Kwethluk VPOs consider carrying guns

When a 19-year-old man broke into a village public safety building dressed for combat, state troopers say tragedy was avoided thanks to an armed resident who got the man to give up his weapon and lie on the ground.

How do Alaska leaders know it’s safe to reopen the economy? It’s all about data – but it’s complicated.

Officials and experts say that decision-making around the reopening can be complicated and hard for the public to follow. There’s no single measurement that reflects the state’s overall progress in fighting the coronavirus, nor is there specific, centralized guidance from the federal government.

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