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December Arctic Entries: Delusion.

December Arctic Entries: Delusion.

Arctic Entries this month explores Delusion. Check out the trailer and see what you won’t want to miss December 5 at 10 on Alaska Public Media.

December 2015 TV Highlights: Tis the Holiday Season

December 2015 TV Highlights: Tis the Holiday Season

Holiday specials, Ken Burns’ Prohibition, a tribute to Frank Sinatra, and a special public affairs presentation by Alaska Public Media highlight the December television schedule.

SOL Examines High Rate of Suicide in Canada’s North Region

SOL Examines High Rate of Suicide in Canada's North Region

SOL delves deep to investigate the underlying social issues that have contributed to Canada’s North region’s mounting youth suicide rate – one of the highest in the world.

American Commandante: The Strange Story of William Morgan

American Commandante: The Strange Story of William Morgan

AMERICAN COMMANDANTE explores the intriguing story of William Morgan who wass executed outside a Havana prison on March 11, 1961. His story seemed to vanish from the popular imagination as quickly as it had appeared.

Proposal could close nearly 60 rural schools

What impacts might the closing of rural schools have on the state? Influential members of the Legislature have started talking about possibly raising the state’s minimum number of students it takes to keep qualify for state education funding. Currently, that number is ten students. Advocates say that with the state facing a dire revenues shortfall, the state needs to reconsider how it pays for education. Critics say the change could close more than sixty schools in small communities, disproportionately hurting rural Alaskans for the sake of short-term savings.

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November Arctic Entries: It Takes a Village

November Arctic Entries: It Takes a Village

It’s another night of stories from the Last Frontier – ARCTIC ENTRIES. It Takes a Village. Stories of Teaming Up, Hashing It Out, and Raising ‘Em Up.

Road to Andersonville: Native American Sharpshooters’ Civil War Journey

Road to Andersonville: Native American Sharpshooters' Civil War Journey

ROAD TO ANDERSONVILLE is a powerful story from Executive Producer David Schock about the men of Company K. This film is the story of the 139 Native Americans who joined as members of Company K, their recruitment, the training, their battles, and their deaths and survival. The men of Company K saw hard service in most of the major battles in the Civil War. In all, one fourth of the men of Company K were either killed or wounded in battle, but some were captured.

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An innovative web series celebrating Alaskans at work and play. Produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios.


Alaska Edition

A weekly, half-hour news analysis talk show with Alaska Public Media journalists.


Arctic Entries

Anchorage’s celebrated storytelling event. Seven people tell a seven-minute-long true story related to the show’s theme.


in my family

Teaches Alaska Native languages to kids, with the help of a feathered friend.


addressing alaskans

Brings public radio listeners and TV viewers a diverse menu of public lectures and events from southcentral Alaska.


    Mon @ 3:00 am - To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé

    Topics include why women join ISIS; and the increase in self-induced abortions in Texas. Also: Melanne Verveer ("Fast Forward") is interviewed.

    Mon @ 3:30 am - This Is America and the World

    Part 1 of 4. Malaysia is visited. Included: U.S. ambassador Joseph Y. Yun is interviewed.

    Mon @ 4:00 am - Downton Abbey on Masterpiece

    "Downton Abbey" continues: Rose plots to bring a radio into the house; Sarah tutors Daisy; an art historian arrives; and Anna makes an embarrassing purchase on Mary's behalf.

    Mon @ 5:00 am - Indian Summers on Masterpiece

    In the Season 1 finale, Madeleine receives a shock; Ramu's fate is placed in Ralph's hands; Aafrin makes several fateful decisions; an important vote is taken at the club; and Ian becomes a local hero.