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It was supposed to be a record year for Alaska tourism. Then COVID-19 hit.

How much has federal CARES Act funding helped Alaska's visitor industry and will these businesses survive the winter?
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Why is organ donation is an important part of modern medicine?

In 2019, 129 organs were successfully donated and transplanted by Alaskan patients.

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Need: Mentors for youth aging out of the state foster care safety net

Image by Mohamed Hassan, of Pixaby. Used with permission.

LISTEN: As the pandemic continues, more of our time is spent staring at screens. How do we maintain a healthy balance?

It is easier than ever for us to get lost in hours of television, gaming, and scrolling through social media. How do we find and maintain balance in our lives when nothing is as it was?

Lyrics and riffs with Portugal. The Man’s Eric Howk

Their Grammy-winning "Feel It Still" is kinetic, playful but also provoking. How did it happen and what's next? We listen to tunes and get an update from band member Eric Howk. Thanks for listening!

LISTEN: Hard hit by government closures and consumer fears of exposure to COVID-19, restaurants are on the brink

Bars and restaurants are once again closed to indoor drinking and dining in Anchorage, but some restaurant owners say they can't afford another shutdown, and will defy the order and stay open. Some will close permanently. What's the best answer to keep people safe and keep businesses whole?

What’s it take to win Alaska’s fiercely contentious beard competition? | INDIE ALASKA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To2JBuFR2VQ Bearded men and women from around the...