In June 1977, the first barrel of oil flowed down the trans-Alaska pipeline. That oil and the pipeline that carried it forever changed the state. Forty years later, Alaska’s Energy Desk explores that rich history.

Episode 1

Share Your Story

The pipeline runs through the lives of many Alaskans. Did you work on the line? Did you spend time at the Elbow Room in Fairbanks? Did you help clean up after the Exxon Valdez spill? Please share your story with us.

Episode 1

EPISODE 1 • Alaska, the oil state that almost wasn’t

Oil started flowing down the trans-Alaska pipeline forty years ago, transforming Alaska into a wealthy oil state. But if it weren’t for a few determined individuals, the giant oil field that started it all might still be hidden under the tundra today.

Episode 2

EPISODE 2 • “Take Our Land, Take Our Life”

When Alaska became a state, the federal government agreed to hand over more than 100 million acres. There was just one problem. Alaska Native people already claimed that land. Then Alaska struck oil, and the question of who owned what land in the 49th state went all the way to the White House.



Mark your calendars, Midnight Oil will be presenting a live event the evening of July 20th at the 49th State Brewery in Anchorage. More details will be coming soon, but count on live storytelling, rich history, and a chance to meet the podcast producers.