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 Click to download the Donor Guidelines.

Click HERE to fill out the Donation Form Online and E-sign the Donor Guidelines and Agreement.

Dear Artist,

I am inviting you to participate in the 2014 Art Showcase & Auction on Alaska Public Media.  We have some truly exciting changes coming this year.  After convening a meeting with artists in the community, we decided to start offering a commission to artists who participate in the auction.  We appreciate all that Alaskan artists do and provide to our communities, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you. The donor agreement and guidelines, as well as the online donation form can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Art Showcase & Auction will once again bring Alaska’s finest art to Southcentral Alaska on KAKM-TV, Juneau on KTOO-TV and KYUK-TV in Bethel.  This presents a truly unique opportunity to showcase your art to people who are interested in fine art.  It also provides more exposure and name recognition for you as an artist in our community for viewers who will collect fine art through other venues and opportunities.   

  • 2014 Art Showcase & Auction: Thursday, February 6 through Saturday, February 8, 7-10 p.m. Live televised auction.
  • Art Showcase Public Preview and Open House: Friday, January 31, 5-8 p.m. There will also be a Signature Sponsor Screening Event on Saturday, February 1 from 6-9 p.m.  Artists are highly encouraged to attend both. 
  • Deadline for Submissions: Monday, December 16 at 5 p.m. (Unless alternate arrangements are made)
  • What we are looking for: Art donations of framed two-dimensional art, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, glass, mixed media, woodworking, stonework and other fine arts and crafts.
  • Minimum Donation Value: $250 (inclusive of framing or a multi-faceted package selection) 

Why Donating to Alaska Public Media and the Art Auction and Showcase is a Benefit to You:

Selected donations (selected through the jury process) valued at the following will receive:

  • At $250 to $999
    • On-air individual presentation on one of three nights
    • Online catalog presentation of your piece with a link to your website
    • Exposure at the exhibition of donated art during the Open House and Signature Sponsor Screening at the Elmo Sackett Broadcast Center
    • Photographed presentation in the 2013 Art Showcase Auction printed art catalog
  • Original artwork valued at a minimum of $1,000 will also receive :
    • An invitation to appear on camera for a short interview about the art while the donation is being auctioned
    • An invitation to appear in TV spots for the Art Auction while standing next to your piece: “I’m so and so, and I’m an artist.  Be sure to tune in for the 2014 Art Showcase and Auction…”

Event Promotion:

Event promotion for the 2013 Art Showcase Auction includes live and recorded announcements on KSKA 91.1 FM,  television spots on KAKM-TV, KTOO-TV, KYUK-TV and CREATE-TV, print advertising in the Anchorage Press, online presence at, an online catalog, our facebook page and a direct mail “Save The Date” piece sent to more than 7,000 households.

Nuts and Bolts… and Things That Have Changed From Previous Years:

We want to get away from the concept that the Art Showcase and Auction is an opportunity to get a bargain for great art.  Instead, to be viewed more as the opportunity to foster the arts, celebrate Alaskan artists while supporting Alaska Public Media.  In moving towards that, we have made the following changes to our Art Showcase & Auction:

Commission on Art Sold:

  • In the plan of making this a more sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship, we are offering a commission on the selling value should the artist wish to take advantage of it.
    • This commission is only available to the artists for original pieces of work.
    • Artists can receive up to 25% commission on the selling value of the piece, once payment has been received.
  • Artists who contribute 100% of the piece of the artwork will be recognized online, in the catalog and during the program as having given 100%.

Tax Benefits:

  • We are aware that artists cannot deduct anything aside from the cost of your materials.  However, please check with your tax attorney as you may be able to deduct a certain percentage of the value of a piece of art as an “advertising” expense. 

Jury Panel:

  • Just a reminder that art submitted will be juried.  If your piece is not selected, you will have the option to get the piece returned to you or for Alaska Public Media to keep the piece and utilize it at a later date.

Starting Bids:

  • Alaska Public Media will set a “Basement Value” for the reserve, instead of allowing the auctioneer to determine the price.

Value of Art:

  • The financial value of pieces donated will be set by the jury panel.  The artist should fill out their determination of value when they submit their forms, but be aware that the panel will set the value that Alaska Public Media will go by in the auction process.
  • If an artist disagrees with the value that has been determined by the expert jury panel, he or she can bring in receipts to show a baseline of data and the average price the artist feels that his or her work calls for.

Who Bought My Stuff and For How Much? 

  • This is a tricky situation. We do not give out or share donor information.  However, Alaska Public Media will ask the purchasers if we can share their information with the donor (you) as an artist.  If they wish to share, their information will be included in your thank-you letter after the auction.


  • The forms will be available online to fill out, but whether they are filled out online or by hand, they must be filled out completely.  There needs to be at least three sentences on the description of the piece for it to be considered. 

Size Restrictions:

  • If your piece can’t fit in a standard sized car to bring it here, we cannot accept it.

Proceeds from the 2013 Art Showcase Auction benefit Alaska Public Media.  Alaska Public Media is the parent organization that operates the Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN), KAKM Channel 7 (PBS) and KSKA 91.1FM (NPR).  Alaska Public Media works in partnership with KTOO-TV in Juneau and KYUK-TV in Bethel.  Public broadcasting has a huge impact on people throughout Alaska with quality entertainment, insightful news, educational programming and thought-provoking documentaries.  With the help of donors like you, we can continue to offer quality programs that promote our mission to inform, educate, and inspire Alaskans of all ages.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.  I look forward to working with you and striving to showcase the work of talented artists and highlight the importance of art in Alaska.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sonya Wellman
Director of Special Events
(907) 550-8432
swellman at alaskapublic(dot)org

 Click to download the Donor Guidelines.

Click HERE to fill out the Donation Form Online and E-sign the Donor Guidelines and Agreement.