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Citizen Voices

Reaching My Family After the 1964 Earthquake

Connie O Earthquake Grandma

It was very hard to stay calm and collected when I was calling home to Anchorage at 5:00 pm on Good Friday 1964, only to hear the chronic phone message, “Unable to complete your call due to transmission interruption in southeastern Alaska,” or something on that order.

I had never heard anything like that before, but then I didn’t make too many calls home from Oregon while I was in college.

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The Armory Show: Art Fair Meets Avant-garde

Running Shoes

After my romp through the 2014 Whitney Biennial this past March, I took a crosstown bus from Fifth Avenue to the Armory Show on display on the remodeled Hudson River Piers 92 & 94 .

With two hundred and five exhibitors, the Armory Show is the largest art fair in New York and really Disneyland for art lovers.

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Reflections from the Trapline

Erik Johnson Trapline 1

The woods after the first snowfall have a distinctive sound. The world becomes quieter, and any remaining sound is muffled, as though filtered through cotton.

It’s in this new silence that I find myself snowshoeing through the trees.

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Chilaquiles: A Hearty Mexican Breakfast

heidi drygas chilaquiles 1

There is no limit to my love of the food and flavors of Mexico.

All the spicy, fragrant chiles, simmering sauces, creamy refried beans, fresh lime and cilantro…Mexican is my ultimate comfort food.

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Knitting A Simple Striped Baby Blanket

natasha price blanket2

Knitting a blanket isn’t difficult. It’s pretty mindless. Monotonous. Endless. I much prefer knitting hats where there’s a definite start and end and it can be completed in an afternoon.

That being said, there is something special about giving someone a hand-knitted blanket.

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Geese in an organic Alaskan garden


The weather has been warm and beautiful, the days are getting noticeably longer, and the snow is slowly melting. These are all wonderful things, but this year the sure sign of spring at Woodside Gardens is goose eggs!

Gerdie has laid 3 eggs so far this season, and it has me excited for the year to come.

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Seafood Kebabs on Forbidden Rice

cutterlight salmon kebab

The early Persians were onto something.

Skewered meats, seafoods and vegetables deftly seasoned and grilled or broiled to perfection are easy to whip up and always a hit. The variations on these Alaskan seafood kebabs are endless.

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Community Voices

Confessions of a Book Addict & Moose The Movie


Popular “Tundra” cartoonist Chad Carpenter is going to be at the Loussac Library to talk about cartooning and about his latest project: “Moose,” a creepy and funny, family film.

And, oh yeah, it’s important to know this film is NOT animated – it is live action.

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Community Food Security: Angoon Garden Assistance Program

angoon 4

The only permanent settlement on Admiralty Island, 55 miles Southwest of Juneau and 41 miles North of Sitka, Angoon is a small community of about 570 residents.

Because of the community’s remote location, produce available in town is very expensive and has often traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles before reaching the consumer.

Trails Bring Communities Out and Together

Photo by Steve Cleary.

It’s been a tough year for snow, with warm temperatures across the state making trails conditions less than ideal. No one knows that better than the 1,300 skiers that hit the trails for the Tour of Anchorage.

But trails, even in this not-so-wintery winter, bring people together to get outside and have some fun.

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40 Tons of Dog Waste A Day


Anchorage citizens – breaking news! There is no “Poop Fairy”.

Anchorage has some caring people who not only clean up after their own pets, but they actually pick up other dog’s poop. Unfortunately they are few and far between, yet I applaud them.

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Breath of Fresh Air


Thanks to the Lower 48 taking on our Polar Vortex – winter here in Fairbanks has been perfect: mostly warm, with plenty of snow for skiing and other winter recreating. It’s been good for chickens too.

Maybe not for outside frolicking, but they haven’t reached that level of coop-fever that drives them out into the snowy yard.

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Slow Down Like a Spaniard: with Cake

anchorage food mosaic cake 2

The hardest thing to get used while studying abroad in Spain was the timing of Spanish meals. Spaniards eat a light breakfast, their largest meal of the day at 2 in the afternoon and a light dinner around 9 at night.

Inevitably, I would find myself with my stomach grumbling around 6.

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Mountain View Community Plan Process

Last year, the Anchorage Community Land Trust, in partnership with the Mountain View Community Council, began the process of creating a 2014 Mountain View Neighborhood Plan.

Focus groups were held with Clark Middle School students, program participants, business owners, and residents to hear their thoughts on land use in Mountain View.

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Radio Stories

Town Square 49 Radio

A Trip to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Photo by Doug Lindstrand.

When driving along Turnagain Arm, you might miss the modest sign for the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage Creek.

But if you do manage to find your way into the wildlife center, you’ll find some interesting animals with equally fascinating stories.

A Different Kind of Sister

A Different Kind of Sister

Today we meet a pair of sisters. Nine years ago, Gracia O’Connell and Jesenia Peterson were matched in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska program.

Jesenia still remembers her response when asked what kind of Big Sister she wanted.