Cold case finally closed in 1995 Warren murder investigation

A murder conviction in Fairbanks has solved the 1995 killing of a convenience store clerk. Marvin Wright was found guilty of shooting Trisha Warren during a truck stop robbery in South Fairbanks. Assistant district attorney Corriene Vorenkamp says Monday’s conviction of Wright has finally brought closure for Warren’s family.

Wright faces life in prison and will be sentenced in February. The case was cold for a decade until Fairbanks Police Detective Peyton Meredith made headway by interviewing someone believed to be a witness, who had earlier refused to talk. Vorenkamp says the police and prosecutors had an especially challenging job reviving the case because there was no forensic evidence. She and prosecutor Jason Gazewood relied on witnesses, some of whom, like Wright, were high the night of the murder, and others who are in jail.

Libby Casey, KUAC – Fairbanks